Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Play-off picture

Well Baltimore has been in since about the All Star break. Minnesota clinched a spot about 6 games ago. Omaha Clinch with their last win. Houston is in and has pretty much put a bow on the top spot in the NL. Philly can clinch a spot with one more win. The only Division that can really be called a race is the NL North and that lead is 3 games. That is not all that easy to overcome at this point in the game but things happen. Vancouver sits 5 games back and and Sacramento does have a hard schedule ahead but up 5 with 14 to go might just be too much to overcome. The NL wild card is going to be a photo finish again this season and there are plenty of teams playing heads up that I am not going to look at all the angles yet. The AL is pretty much set other than seeding. Still waiting on Pawtown or Honolulu to decide who takes the 5 and six spot.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lets Race

A quick run down of the races around the league and my best guess on who will be there and who will be golfing.
In the AL Baltimore clinched about a month ago. They have a comfortable 43 game lead. They have an 18 game lead for the top spot so good luck with that.
All the rest of the division have 5 games between first and second place. Minnesota leads the North by 5 over a rolling Pawtucket. Minnesota has given up a cozy lead as Pawtown has played 43-17 for a .716% over their last 60 to gain ground. They still have 7 games to play against Baltimore where Minnesota is done with them for the season. They also play the team they are tied with in the Wild card, Honolulu four times plus a three game set against the Millers.
In the AL South Memphis has regained the top spot. The five game lead might be too much to over take with 9 straight games against playoff teams. If they can gain ground over the next nine games there might be a race. Memphis though does not have it any easier of harder. I would like to to go down to the wire and have that last three game set against each other matter.
In the AL West Omaha has the lead with Honolulu in trail. These two teams play each other on also the last 3 games of the season so I hope it comes down to that. Omaha is playing a hard schedule down the stretch who's opponents winning percent is about .560 while Honolulu is around .500. A difference of about 76 wins over the next 10 series.
the Wild Cards look to be about set unless Detroit can find one more run this season. Honolulu and Pawtucket share the same record and they will be playing for seating if they don't over take their divisions.
This AL shakedown leave Durham, Detroit and Scottsdale out.

If you want races you will have to look at the NL.
In the NL North Fargo holds a slim one game lead over Montreal. Five of Fargos last ten series are against teams holding a winning record. Montreal has series still to play against Houston, Philly, and the team they trail Fargo. This one could come down to the wire and it will be something to watch as the season runs low.
Philadelphia is comfy cozy up by 11 in the East. And Houston holds a strong 16 game lead in the South.
The NL west has Sacramento up by the familiar five games over Vancouver. This race really comes down to how well Vancouver plays Washington. They play The Senators seven straight times.
The real race in Kaline this season is the NL wild card. Montreal has the fifth spot there for now while they battle Fargo for the North. They lead by a passable four games. For the final spot four teams are within two games and they all play each other a few times here and there. If Washington can beat the Whitcaps in their seven straight or vice verse one team is done. El Paso seems to have a tough series on ever Horizon but if they win they will be in... maybe. LA seems to have a hard go of it the rest of the way but they do have some talented player. Oh this is going to be a great race again this season.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Player Options

With from what I can tell the upcoming Free Agent Class is looking weak at starting pitching. There are some players that might use that to decline their options.
  • Floyd Mullen has a player option and may try to cash in one more time with another max deal before he hangs them up.
  • Dennis Priest will in all likely hood accept his Option but Charleston will surely take the buy-out.
  • Mateo Granados will be old and on the streets I bet with Fargo taking the buy-out. He might find a DH job in the AL or this might be it for him.
  • Charlie Kline also has a mutual option than might not be picked up by Houston.
  • Desi Uribe might think he can do better in a starting pitcher weak free agent see and might decline his 5.6 million option from Indianapolis.
  • Ruben Saenz might think he can cash before he gets too old and too hurt to play. Omaha may also just take the buy out depending on how his ratings hold.
  • Miguel Nieves should decline his options as well because he will get a huge raise this off-season. Pawtucket will for sure accept the mutual option if he does.

So I guess I will budget for starting pitcher after all with Mullen and my Moby Dick Nieves possibly hitting the open market.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ranking the Divisions

I feel like backing up my claim that the AL North is the best division in the world. I am going to rank all the division by wins than add 5 points for every All Star from the Division. What if I am wrong... than I will find another stat that makes me right.

1st place AL North 199 Wins plus 12 All Stars for a grand score of 259.
2nd place NL South 191 wins plus 12 All stars for a score of 251
3rd Place NL East 184/8 for a score of 224
4th place AL East 181/8 for a score of 221(Baybirds have 7 All Stars and 67 wins)
5th Place AL West 182/7 scores a 217
6th Place NL West 180/6 scores a 210
7th Place NL North 183/4 scores a 203
Last place by far is AL South with 157/3 scores 172 ouch
It was a little closer than I thought it would be but my numbers show that the AL North is still the very best Division the world. Now will Pawtucket and Detroit please slow down just a bit.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AL Cy Young Mid-season Report and a quick NL CY note

The AL Cy Young looks to be coming down to a top Five of Sandy Lowe (MIN), Jordy Hobbes (BAL), Bryce McMillon (DET), and two Closers Tony Ontiveros (BAL) has been brilliant and Geraldo Belliard (PAW) has been near perfect and perfect in saves so far. I don't think that relief pitchers should be part of this award because they have their fireman award to win but it is what it is. Last season McMillon was just edged out for the award last season and might happen again this season. Lowe has the best K/b ratio has only lost once this season so far and is the great .602 OPS against the best whip and the and might be the top pitcher in the AL world. Hobbes is the best pitcher on the team in the world. He has a lights out ERA and a strong win/lose record. There are plenty of other great pitchers in the world but from what I can tell from seasons passed that these will be the guys for the CY award. I don't think bullpen guys should or will win here. There is still a lot of games left and as the season progresses this should change a bit. My money is on McMillion. Who do you got.
NL CY is as easy to pick as it gets. Floyd Mullen. Hands down should be unanimous! He is have maybe the greatest pitching season ever!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Contenders Season 18

If I started with any other team besides Baltimore I would be a lair. These guys are stacked young and extremely well run and rested. They have top line Pitching leading the AL in just about ever pitching line that matters. They are first or second in every hitting line that matters. They may not be the best fielding team but they make the plays the need to be made. They are the best that Kaline has to offer and until somebody beats them they should be the favorite every time.

The second choice would be a little team in Houston. This team can pitch pitch and pitch. They just lead again every important line in the NL. They have a great bullpen and the best starter in the history of Kaline. They are not just a pitching team though they have the best OPS in the NL. They are also just above the median in fielding.

The Mighty Millers of Minnesota have a great record, have great pitchers and have great hitters. They have made about a dozen or so trades so far this season trying to find the right mix of players to stretch out the line-up and stabilize their pitching. This little team could go far if they can gel together.

In the AL Wild West we are seeing a three team show down. Scottsdale is getting wins by getting just enough hitting and passable pitching. Omaha is a top five hitting and pitching club and I will look forward to seeing how they finish up. Honolulu seems to always start slow and have a strong finish lets see if that is the same story this season.

One other AL team to bring up is Detroit. These guys had a awful start to the season but now are firing on full force. Top line pitching and a line up that has just added a needed hitter in Tony Benjamin. Agateking is still looking for a closer to shut down games and if he gets that they could really be a force.

Other NL teams with over 40 wins at this time are Philly and Montreal. Montreal is the second best hitting team in the NL and they are top five in pitching. They will be play-off bound this season for sure after missing out the last 3 seasons. The big salary Phillies have one of the worlds best middle of the orders and can send out a pitcher on any day and get a win.

There are others that could peak though but I think that as of right now these are the teams to be looking to continue on winning.

Things that are strange to me so far this season.

  • Detroit has 36 wins this season and some how only have just 12 home wins.
  • Baltimore has only lost 5 time this season at home.
  • This season has seen the highest paid international free agents ever.
  • Honolulu has played in 18 one run games winning 14 of them
  • Magglio Wilfredo and Tomas Carrasquel have played way over their heads this season.
  • New York Midtowners are playing almost .100% points under there Exp PCT
  • Detroit has had Joel Roth, and Keith Haad have hitting streaks of 18 games this season. Tony Benjamin with a 16 games streak and Julio Rodriguez with a 14 game streak.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pitching Rotations

Today I am going to take a look at the best rotations in baseball. Since I can't look to see who everyone has 1-5 I will guess. I will also average out the overall to rank the best.

The Top rotation in Kaline goes to Houston Grandes. This team is just stacked at the starter positions. The top has the best pitcher in the world Floyd Mullen down a point this year at 93 overall. Than you have young Jarrod Walker at 83 fallowed my Clayton Serra at 81. Oh and the reining AL Cy young winner pitching in the 4 hole. Yes The 4 hole rated at 76. Rounding out the top five is not an easy pass either with Wilfredo Silva rated at 72. This is a scary good group. This might be enough to get them to a world championship. Total Average is 81.

Next the team that is the World Champion and should still be picked to be the champ is Baltimore. Heading their rotation is Jordy Hobbes rated 83 overall. Behind him is a guy that can match up with any number 2 in the league Ted Timlin rated at 82. Next we have a young Gus West rated at 80 with room to grow to a higher number. At 32 years of age Clyde Franco fills in well at 77 in the 4 spot. Davey Saenz rated at 74 overall fills it out for a very very good 1-5. Total average 79.2

The top two teams are just that. There is no question that those are the two very best 1-5 rotations in this world. I would guess that we will find out who is best this year in a repeat world series.

The next team looks to be heading into the season with 4 starting pitchers. Yes it pains me to say it but based on the averages Detroit has the 3 best. They have the very best one two punch in this world With 88 overall Bryce McMillon and 85 overall Dick Randall. Their 3 guy is rated at 75 he is Chick King and filling out the four hole is a hittable Buck Hull at 65 overall. I thought about giving them a zero for the 5 spot but I am not sure what his plans are so I will let him inflate his overall average a bit. Total 78.25

Separated by just.2 points we finish up with Philadelphia Phillies coming in at 76.4 and the Millers in at 76.2. Philly rolls out Hector Merced at 86 than Jerry Canseco at 80 for a solid 1-2 punch. The Millers go with a trio of Sandy Lowe 81 Lyle Moran 78 Shane Kraemer 80.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Season 18: Preview

Yes folks you can tell season 18 in officially under way. The Free Agents and coaches have been signed. Trades have been done Rule V draft is over preseason has started. And now that we are having our annual great trade debate we can get this thing going.

As always I will start with the AL and we will see if I have time to work one the second league as time goes by today. In the AL north (still the best in baseball) It looks like three teams will due battle for the top stop and at the very least win one wild card.

The Minnesota Millers are as strong as ever coming off of back to back division championships. The have added SS Vinny Kou Sandy Lowe to pitch Deacon Pierce to hit and Louie Snyder to fill in off of the bench. They lost Enrique Gomez, Glenn Morgan, and lead off hitter Efrain Redman. For the most part the added moves are a push other than the added starting pitching. In my eyes they should run the North again.

Detroit might have the top one two punch in all of baseball. The Added bullpen arms Crash Gabriel and Billy Ray Haywood. They also add needed bat Victor Sanchez to help out with the offense. They should be in the hunt again this season after just missing last year.

Pawtucket has a great line up that can carry the team. This season they added a great starter in Miguel Nieves to top out the Rotation. From what I am looking at this is there only addition this off season. They didn't really lose anybody either. Just adding the pitcher though could be enough to get to the postseason with there deep line up.

One team has won the most offseaon trades in season 18 and it is not Baltimore or Minnesota It is Seattle. After coming with in a game for the division last season The Seattle owner appears to have decided to change the direction of the team. Many all star are gone and many up and comers in the minors. I don't see them in the post season this year.

The Best of the AL East and of Kaline has had a pretty as normal offseason so far. A few trades new faces from the minors and again the best in baseball. There Is no reason that The Baybird should not win the AL again.

Indy Lost Devon Minor but that should be able to be absorbed fairly well. The Devils have a solid Line up and pitching that can win games. They didn't add anyone really this season. They will play for a wild card again this season.

Both New York Metros and San Juan are in a re-built mode this season. Though both teams are not play-off bound neither should be terrible either.

The AL South has been ruled by Memphis for the last four season. I am guessing that their reign in over this season. They still have a high level one though nine line up they don't have top tier pitching anymore. What is working for Memphis though is a weaker South but the gap between Memphis and the pack is closed.

Durham has just about as good of a line up as Memphis but they might have just a bit of better pitching. They lost Thoe Forest in a trade but brought back Erubiel Colome in the deal. I think that Durham can win this division this season. The also added from Memphis Pat Newfield to replace Sid Tracy and that is a fine one season upgrade.

Something about Atlanta is telling me they are winning 84 games this season. Their one though nine is not bad though they need a slugger. They have guys that can hit pretty well and add in one of the better pitching rotation and they may surprise a few teams and win the South. These guys are my dark horse here. *Hint hint add a shortstop sooner than later like right away*

Montgomery is still looking a few seasons down the line and won't win much this year but will still be active in the international signings.

The AL west is Honolulu's to take again. Last season they started slow and still won by 15 games. They are young and ready to challenge for the AL crown this season and future seasons. They lost Louie Lima but that should be absorbed just fine by them. They also made that trade with Durham that was talked about as well as a one other. They added Cory Cohen and he will fill in to there line up well. A good line up a good rotation means another 95 win season.

Scottsdale Slam might win 85 games this season and maybe a few more and sneak into the wild card hunt. Helena is a season away from being in the mix. Omaha should hit and hit well but they won't pitch and in turn... OK so I was not giving a good look at Omaha and after a little more digging I think that they might make a pretty solid team this season. They pitch allot better than I thought and are an alright one though nine. Omaha will surprise other this season as well.

Ok so I got lazy at the end what of it. Maybe I will talk about the NL but why maybe when they win something we can talk about them again.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Division Championship Series Preview

Baltimore Vs Seattle
The top seeded Baybirds draw the Seattle Grunge in their first play off series. Baltimore Is well rested and ready to go. Seattle is running a little low on energy but can still play ball pretty well. The season series was pretty close with Baltimore winning six of the ten games. Seattle line up can stand up to just about any other teams and they have a great ace to to fall back on. Baltimore will score runs and hold other teams scores down they are hard to beat. I think this series will be over in four games with Baltimore taking the series 3-1.
Minnesota Vs Honolulu
Minnesota hold the season series by just a game this season and both teams got off to a really slow start. The Millers have out hit the Hoplites this season but that doesn't make them easy outs. The Hoplites do have a very talented line up that has under preformed this season. The Pitching is really a pick a team and roll. Both teams have been about even this season so far pitching wise. If the game comes down to a home run though don't look for the Millers to be the team to let it up. The have given the fewest in the AL this season. My completely bias pick Millers in 3. You don't like it write your own stuff
Fargo Vs Philadelphia
Philly has a strong top top of their rotation and a solid middle of the order. Fargo also has a very strong top of the rotation but don't really have a big bat in the middle. A couple of their players have had nice seasons but I want to see more. They do though get on base very well so that might make this interesting series to fallow. My Pick Philly in 5.
Houston Vs New York Midtowners
Both teams finished the season 1-2 in hitting with the slight edge going to Houston. The Pitching might come down to which bullpen flinches first. To me the bullpen edge goes to Houston. This series is stacked with stars and great pitching match-ups. This might be the best series of the 4 to keep track of. My secret joy would be Gerald Baker winning a game. He is my favorite player of all time in this world. My pick is Houston in 4.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NL Play-Offs

OK it is finally time to talk about the other league for a bit. The NL has really come down to the last few weeks of the season before the play-Off picture for form. Today It is looking like we have some clarity. The Charlotte Shock still have a chance but at four games out I think its not looking so good. They have such a hard schedule ahead with games against New York Midtowners (88-60) Washington D.C. (83-65) Little Rock (74-74) and ending the season at Houston(91-57... look out for these guys this team is stacked I tell you). So I am sticking a fork in the outlet and getting the Shock out of the play-offs. Vancouver Has a slim one game lead over Sacramento. The loser of this race is also completely out of the play-offs because they are just too far back. What is left is positioning for first round games. Houston has a three game advantage over New York for the 2nd spot so maybe that's in reach yet. Fargo and Washington I would believe like a chance to play against Vancouver instead of New York or Houston in the first round so they may play it out. I do have to say one thing the NL this season was a little more fun that the AL great season NL and good luck to those moving on and best of luck next season for those not.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Revisit My pre-seaon predictions

7/14/2010 3:23 PM
The ROY guys to me is a three player race The Baybirds have 2 guys in AAA that are crazy good and if either of them get the call they will be tough to beat but Cloud likes to keep his guys down there until they get really close to there projections.
7/14/2010 3:23 PM
The guys are named Erubiel Delgado and Paul Melville (The Baybirds AAA team could make the play-offs by the way). There is a guy that may have a dark horse chance that is already called up his name is Gorkys Limon
7/14/2010 3:18 PM
Cy young I believe will go to Bryce McMillon a fine young player with crazy good ratings... I would love to have him on the Millers (do I get fined for talking about other players like in the MLB)
7/14/2010 2:46 PM
Its quiet in here now. I should blast some random owner for a something stupid. Or better yet I could make my AL predictions player award. Sorry NL I just don't pay that much attention to you guys

7/9/2010 11:19 AM
bagpipes has built a really good looking team I can't believe that i handled them so well last season and in the play-offs this season i think will be different i hope not though
7/9/2010 11:10 AM
Ok here goes my unbias opinion on the season ahead. I, because im the greatest, will win the north again but the race will be really tight.
7/9/2010 11:10 AM
Detriot should be right there and Pawtown has a great line up Seattle will also be right in the thick of things too. I bet both wild cards come from the North this season it was close last season.
7/9/2010 11:10 AM
Memphis and their immortals will clean my clock again and be in the playoffs plus The Hopiltes and of course the Triple Bs of Baltimore. Al winner will be drum roll please The Millers Lose to the Hopilites and Philly beats them in the World Series.

Not to bad not bad at all. The AL North has been and currently is the best division in baseball with out a doubt. The Cy Young party may be crashed by Ramiro Cabrera who is pitching great but still Bryce McMillon has my vote because I want to be right. As for the MVP I may never figure out how the pick the top five. Eddie Hawkins and Al Manuel would be my one and two in either order and neither are even on the ballot! I'm not saying the guys on the top five are not great but I would pick both those two over everyone else. Now for the ROY I didn't really explore pitching that much for the award and maybe I should have just a bit. But Who else had Gorkys Limon in there. I am so freaking smart it makes me blush. I had Paul Melville but really anyone with a half a brain would I didn't see Walter Thomas having the season that he is having though. Well My arm is sore from all this back patting so Ill leave it at that for now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Detroit makes it in

In my last post I pretty much stuck a fork into The Miracles. After a look at their schedule I would like to revisit. Detroit has seven games left against The Devils and at five back that might be enough. The Devils are running low on energy at the moment where Detroit is still running their everyday line up at very close to 100% all the way through. The Miracles also still have the best pitching in baseball and are coming off a huge series sweep against Baltimore plus winning 2 of 3 against Memphis. They still have some tough games ahead against Honolulu (6) but are coming off a victory in the last game. They also have 3 game sets left against both Seattle and Minnesota. That means that according to my Minnesota math they have 19 games left of their final 36 against teams with a winning record. Indianapolis on the other hand has the seven games left with Detroit three in the last week of the season with Baltimore when they may be resting up for the post season and 4 left with Memphis who may at that point be resting starters as well. That is again by my Minnesota math 14 games against teams with a winning record. I am not saying that they will blow their lead it is their spot right now and win and your in but keep your eye in your rear view mirror objects are closer than they appear. There is still a race in the AL yet.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Play-Off Run down

Last week I talked about the AL races and since then Detroit has failed to make up ground. So its all but over and the top six are left fighting for position. Baltimore is a lock for the top spot an eight game advantage. The two hole is held by the red hot Minnesota Millers due to head to head games won. They are tied with Seattle for the top spot in the north though. Memphis and Honolulu both have all but wrapped up the Divisions as well. That leaves Indianapolis as the current six seed at only 3 games back from the wild card lead. Indianapolis has a better record than both Honolulu and Memphis. So as of right this second the two byes go to the Millers and the Baybirds. The two division winners both would play teams with better record but still home field. Seattle would face off with Memphis and Indianapolis would take a shot at Honolulu. With still 40 games or so to go anything can happen.

The NL is where all the real races are. Philly has the NL East wrapped up and Houston holds the same game lead in the South but other than that it seems like some of the play-off spots will come down to the very last week of the season. Even Los Angeles has a shot only five games out of first place and under .500.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AL Play-Offs taking Form

The race to to post season in the AL is setting into place. There are only 7 teams over .500 and that have a chance at 6 spots. The Baybirds are almost a given for the top spot again this season. They have an eight game lead over the Indianapolis Devils. The Seattle Grunge slipped out of the All-Star Break a little bit but have had a nice 5 game winning streak since getting sweeped by the Millers and dropping the series against Detriot Detroit. Honolulu had a very slow start to the year but went on a long winning streak to boost up their record. They hold nine game advantage over ajpop and the Crushers. Memphis has had a hard time playing consist ball but still hold a 10 game lead over Durham. The team currently holding down the 5 spot has the 3rd best record in the AL. The Devils have a two game lead over the Millers for the top wild card slot. The Millers hold a six game lead over the Miracles for the final play-off spot. They are the hottest team in baseball heading into a series with Baltimore. Finally The Detriot Detroit Miracles. They have been really up and down this season. With 26 games still this season with the other six teams with a winning record the Miracles have a chance to win there way into the post season but it will not be an easy road... wow 26 of the last 56 against the top six not looking good for them but they have the pitching to shut down any offense. Boy I wonder how the top 7 would rank in some sort of power ranking system?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The All Star Break report.

The Detroit Miracles were rolling until they ran into Memphis and Baltimore. They split a 4 game set with Memphis and where swept out of Baltimore. After Al north post break games they play 17 straight games against teams with losing records. Their one to pitching punch should keep them close and in the hunt for the play-offs. All stars Bryce McMillon, Dick Randall, and Harvey Linton have been great this season. They could use another hitter though. They have called up 20 year old top hitting prospect Keith Haad to try to help add offense.

The Seattle Grunge are coming of series wins against play-off contenders. Their Hitting this season has been great and they have pitched enough to win at a high level. With seven hitters in double digit home runs and a 1-9 batting order with an OPS over 800 they will continue to play every one hard. Look for them to try and add a starter though to make a huge splash in the post season.

The Baltimore Baybirds continue there league wide domination again this season. Al Manual has been great and consistent all year. They hit the ball well the throw the ball well. They play good defense. They have a stacked AAA team to fill the injury hole. In an odd twist they only sport 2 All stars. There might be a snub or two there.

Indianapolis Devils are playing sound baseball and would be leading most other division in Kaline. They are Hitting the ball really well and the most notable all star snub in Eddie Hawkins leads the league in OPS. Add in Vasco Martinez and you have a great 1-2 middle of the order. Pitcher Rabbit McClellan has posted a 10-0 record this season with nice second numbers as well. Bill Beech and Desi Uribe have been good this year too.

Memphis Packers Are leading the AL South by 6 games. They are a balanced team solid pitching and hitting. They are playing a little below what I thought they would this season though still a very good team. Pat Newfield is still got it at 38 pitching to a 10-4 record with good triple / stats. Domingo Mota Has bounced back really nice and having a great season. Although with his contract and injury history a team could trade for him at wholesale.

Honolulu Hoplites had a rough start to the year. Also not playing there best right before the break losing 3 of 4 to Seattle and getting swept by Pawtown. They have some really hard outs in there line up and that has been their saving grace so far. Cy Young winner Ruben Tejada has been just terrible this season but Juan Rincon has been play well this season. They are on the hunt for an ace pitcher and willing to pay for one. So if your out of the race and have an extra pitcher laying around pick up the phone and give them a call.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fire Sale Rumors: Minnesota Millers

As the Millers slip back to .500 and six games out of the play-offs the Millers are almost ready for the all out fire sale. The Millers are a team that has a little bit of everything. They have Front Line starting Pitching in Shane Kraemer who finished 2nd in the CY Young last season but has but bad this season. He has a team friendly contract that runs for years. He should have no issues with injury and has no past issues. Cristian Black has had a nice season so far close to his career line. His contract runs though season 19 and he should have not problems holding his ratings till than. With pin point contral and a rocket fast ball a move into a bullpen roll would work out nice for him after this deal runs up. Omar Cunningham has can pitch but his season has not bee the best for him so far. Lyle Moran is only 26 has great rating but has not put together a good season. The South Paw is under team contol for 4 more season. The Bullpen is based off of closer Bartolo Owen. he is All star bound having a inline with his great career line add in Norm Garcia and you have a great 1-2 punch to end play-off games with.

The Millers also have some great hitters. Alex Rios could be a top 5 MVP guy at the end of the season. The Morgan Brother ,Walter and Glenn have been great this season. The bottom line the team can hit better than they have this season. This team is stacked with power and if they are looking to trade they should be busy this season.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

White Flag Report: Salt Lake City Crushers

The Crushers owner is waving the white flag saying that he will not make the play-offs. The current roster has hitters, former silver slugger winner Jim Hall, who is in his last year of his deal. His ratings should hold well if there is a sign and trade option. He is the best hitter available from their roster but not the only one. Chad Winn seems to still hit below his ratings maybe someone thinks there coaches can fix him. Deacon Pierce, 27, can get on base and hit a few long shots. You get 2 more season with him at a reasonable rate. Leon Blasingame could provide a team with a bull pen arm, but his health rating could keep his price down. The same goes for Billy Rakers. I would think that Morgan Coles is part of the re-built but maybe he could be had for the right prospects. He is the only starter worth talking about and if he becomes open to trading him could be the biggest mid-season deal.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trade Rumor: Chris Montague

Chris Montague is going to be on the move. The Swithhitting 1st baseman could add to any team looking to make a run. He has hit below his career numbers so far this season but has still handled righties very well. Against right handed pitching he has put up an OPS of .934 this season. That puts him fourth in the AL among 1st basemen. It is unknown what beznoska is looking to get back in return due to not have any trade needs and preferring not to trade chat. A quick glance in his trade history shows that he does ask and receive fair trades on both ends. I know I made an offer that I feel is fair.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

In the AL there is only one team that I would consider Hot right now and that is the Honolulu Hoplites. I do believe I called that a week ago that they would have a good run. They have won 7 straight and 12 of the last 14. The next best streak in the AL is just a three game streak by Indianapolis Devils but they are just 6 and 4 over the last 10.
In the NL the hottest team is Philadelphia Phillies winning 8 of the last 10.Since their 5 game losing streak back on 7/30 they have won 25 of their last 28. Nice work Hineiii just lose the next to to the Millers.
The Last place Vancouver Whitecaps even found a way to rip off a nice 7 game winning streak.
The Fargo Outlaws keep up their winning ways by going 16 in their last 21to open up their led over New York by 3 games.
A trade between the Blue Demons and The Banditos was vetoed by the owners. The trade would have give the Banditos a bottom of the rotation starter and a prospect that rates as a utility player. The Blue Demons would have been given some cap flexibility that they needed. On the chat board only one owner asked about it and swamphawk gave his reason and that was all. I thought It would have been passed but enough owners thought differently that I.
The draft happened this weekend and I will try to do a break down after more sign so I can see all of the ratings.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The turn around in Montgomery

The Montgomery Black Dynamites have a new owner running the show. New to Kaline but coming in with 33 seasons of experience steelforge has been a great addition to the Kaline owners list. Already making a huge impact in the international market sign two of the top guy, Jose Cortez and Del Figureoa. In addition to those guys they have Pedro Lopez signed last season. Turner Wathan was drafted last season but the previous owner was unable to sign Derrin Howe. Harley Nunnally should crush the ball when his call comes and he is not the only masher they have in the minors right now. Miguel Feliz could make his way to the pros this season. The building blocks are in place to make a winner in Montgomery and this is with out this season draft yet. With 28 million spread out evenly in this season draft and with 2 top ten picks and 6 picks in the top 71 things could be really interesting for them sooner than later. Steelforge was looking for a re-building project but i bet he didn't think it would happen this fast... Still have to develop the guys though.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deadline sellers?

The Boston Red Sox are currently 9 games under .500 and 12 games back. This is not much of a surprise with them already make some moves and in rebuilt mode. Former silver slugger CF Buck Feller and DH Ben Post are both know to be on the trading block already for Boston. Mitch Knight is having a fantastic season at 30. He is under a fair contract for two more season. Fausto Durazo is young and hits Lefties well but is slated to make over 5 million next season. I would think that they would be willing to move that contract from the books as well. At just 28, Miguel Nieves is already pretty well traveled. Is he still young enough to be part of the re-built or are they going to try to flip him for prospects. He had a rough start for the Red Sox but has been outstanding over his last seven starts letting up just 11 earned runs over 42.1 innings. With over 60 million cap already spent for next season I look for the Red Sox to be on of the most aggressive sellers at the deadline due to their assets.

The New York Metros are just under 50 million next season not including arbitration raises. Ryan Romero has been hurt for most of this season possibly hurting his trade value. He is due over 7 million next season. He is a very solid fielder and versatile. Herm Walker is an innings eater that can fill the bottom of the a rotation. His price tag is a little high for that role at 5.6 million next season but he should hold his ratings fairly well. Jacob Roberts has a reasonable long term deal in place and his ratings should also hold up well.

The Durham Spitoons have cap flexibility for next season, they are under 40 million. If they do become sellers they could really impact someones line-up. Timo Sanders is off and running with a MVP type season right now. They a ton of contracts coming off the books next season so they have plenty of rentals to go around. They have Abdul Murry on the trading block and he could bring in a nice haul and clear up a little bit of more cash next season. Look for them to try to add pitchers for bats this year.

The Freeze are in great cap shape for next season with only 19 million already spent. They have tons of players coming off the books and with only 13 wins this season and heading the wrong way in the last ten look for them to be selling sooner than later. They currently don't have anyone on the trading block but one can assume that it will change soon. the youth movement is in effect in upstate New York so look for just about anyone over 29 to be moved.

Staying in upstate New York, Syracuse is a team in need. With almost 55 million already spent next season on players this newer owner would love to shed salary. Looking deeper into in it I would say a team could get a nice whole sale price on some of these guys if they were willing to take back salary. Dick Nixon could bring back an above average prospect. He should hold his rating well as he ages. They should look at trading Alex McQuillan at all cost but I don't know if they could give him away at this point in his career... trust me in season 13 when he was hitting well I tried. My bottom line advice to a newer owner from newer owner is get younger and get your money under control.

Los Angeles L.A EliteDucks and keeid12x are in a strange spot for the Kaline world. L.A. has been a winner every season finishing .500 just once and never under it. Keeid12x is a very experience owner so it will be interesting to see what he want to do with the future of the franchise. With quite possibly the highest paid AAA team in baseball, I know he would love to drop many millions off of next years cap hit of around 55 million. Bret O'Donnell and Ralph Ellenwood are already on the trading block.

Charleston Ashley Coopers have tons of contracts leaving the books next season. They have some solid vets that could helps play-off hopefuls get over the hump. They don't have anyone on the block as of now but they would move guys if asked nice enough.

That all I am going to get into this morning have a great day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Contenders AL

Led by Ernest Hall the team post an impressive OPS of .851. They can post a line up of 1-7 that can rival just about any one in the AL. They can hit the long ball as well with already four players with double digit home runs and one more with nine. Their weak spot in the starting rotation led by Ramiro Cabrera. Cabrere has been a very good at the top rotation but it falls off pretty quick after that. Alex Aybar has been terrible over his last 3 starts letting up 18 earned runs in just 13 innings of work. Not to be out done Trevor Wilkins has been just as bad in his last four starts giving up 24 earned runs over 19.2 innings. Thing should turn around if not look for them to add pitching quick.

Pitching rules here with an outstanding rotation fronted by Cy young hopeful Bryce McMillon. He has been great this season only letting up more than 3 runs once. They added Chick King who has been solid in his last two starts giving up one run over 15 innings. Add in Dick Randall and you have the best top three in the AL. The question is can can they hit enough to make a run with a team OPS of .725. Time will tell.

The Triple Bs are the team to beat this year and every year they don't rebuilt the re-cock. The line up is down right scary to face with Al Manuel and Chris Ray but add in a couple of ROY candidates Paul Melville and Darby Ramirez they will be impossible to keep off the scoreboard.

Indy had a little time in first place this season but I don't see Baltimore giving it back. Indy has two of the best hitters in baseball right now in Eddie Hawkins and last years trade to bring in Vasco Martinez will keep this team from fading back anytime soon. Five players in there deep line up have hit double digit home runs already make for a hard time finding easy outs. The bullpen has been terrible at times so look for them to add some arms there as the season moves along.

Memphis and there Immortals keep on winning and winning in bunches. They are at a tough spot in there schedule right now though so things could change. A balanced team with solid pitching and solid hitting they will be in the play-offs for sure.

With a expected winning percent of .570 the Millers are either not preforming to standards or are just that good against left handed pitching. they lead the league against southpawns but also have more than 150 at bats against than. Righhnded pitching is a different story with 150 less AB then the next lowest they post and awful team OBP .292. So either they are going to start hitting righthanded pitching and compete as the ABs even out or they are going to keep struggling and having a fire sale by the all star break.

This team has a run in them and I don't see why they won't have a nice streak of ten in a row. Once they get consistent and their pitching gets under control they could steam roll a few teams. They are still younger team that should gel together and could very well built a contender for years and years.