Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Contenders AL

Led by Ernest Hall the team post an impressive OPS of .851. They can post a line up of 1-7 that can rival just about any one in the AL. They can hit the long ball as well with already four players with double digit home runs and one more with nine. Their weak spot in the starting rotation led by Ramiro Cabrera. Cabrere has been a very good at the top rotation but it falls off pretty quick after that. Alex Aybar has been terrible over his last 3 starts letting up 18 earned runs in just 13 innings of work. Not to be out done Trevor Wilkins has been just as bad in his last four starts giving up 24 earned runs over 19.2 innings. Thing should turn around if not look for them to add pitching quick.

Pitching rules here with an outstanding rotation fronted by Cy young hopeful Bryce McMillon. He has been great this season only letting up more than 3 runs once. They added Chick King who has been solid in his last two starts giving up one run over 15 innings. Add in Dick Randall and you have the best top three in the AL. The question is can can they hit enough to make a run with a team OPS of .725. Time will tell.

The Triple Bs are the team to beat this year and every year they don't rebuilt the re-cock. The line up is down right scary to face with Al Manuel and Chris Ray but add in a couple of ROY candidates Paul Melville and Darby Ramirez they will be impossible to keep off the scoreboard.

Indy had a little time in first place this season but I don't see Baltimore giving it back. Indy has two of the best hitters in baseball right now in Eddie Hawkins and last years trade to bring in Vasco Martinez will keep this team from fading back anytime soon. Five players in there deep line up have hit double digit home runs already make for a hard time finding easy outs. The bullpen has been terrible at times so look for them to add some arms there as the season moves along.

Memphis and there Immortals keep on winning and winning in bunches. They are at a tough spot in there schedule right now though so things could change. A balanced team with solid pitching and solid hitting they will be in the play-offs for sure.

With a expected winning percent of .570 the Millers are either not preforming to standards or are just that good against left handed pitching. they lead the league against southpawns but also have more than 150 at bats against than. Righhnded pitching is a different story with 150 less AB then the next lowest they post and awful team OBP .292. So either they are going to start hitting righthanded pitching and compete as the ABs even out or they are going to keep struggling and having a fire sale by the all star break.

This team has a run in them and I don't see why they won't have a nice streak of ten in a row. Once they get consistent and their pitching gets under control they could steam roll a few teams. They are still younger team that should gel together and could very well built a contender for years and years.