Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deadline sellers?

The Boston Red Sox are currently 9 games under .500 and 12 games back. This is not much of a surprise with them already make some moves and in rebuilt mode. Former silver slugger CF Buck Feller and DH Ben Post are both know to be on the trading block already for Boston. Mitch Knight is having a fantastic season at 30. He is under a fair contract for two more season. Fausto Durazo is young and hits Lefties well but is slated to make over 5 million next season. I would think that they would be willing to move that contract from the books as well. At just 28, Miguel Nieves is already pretty well traveled. Is he still young enough to be part of the re-built or are they going to try to flip him for prospects. He had a rough start for the Red Sox but has been outstanding over his last seven starts letting up just 11 earned runs over 42.1 innings. With over 60 million cap already spent for next season I look for the Red Sox to be on of the most aggressive sellers at the deadline due to their assets.

The New York Metros are just under 50 million next season not including arbitration raises. Ryan Romero has been hurt for most of this season possibly hurting his trade value. He is due over 7 million next season. He is a very solid fielder and versatile. Herm Walker is an innings eater that can fill the bottom of the a rotation. His price tag is a little high for that role at 5.6 million next season but he should hold his ratings fairly well. Jacob Roberts has a reasonable long term deal in place and his ratings should also hold up well.

The Durham Spitoons have cap flexibility for next season, they are under 40 million. If they do become sellers they could really impact someones line-up. Timo Sanders is off and running with a MVP type season right now. They a ton of contracts coming off the books next season so they have plenty of rentals to go around. They have Abdul Murry on the trading block and he could bring in a nice haul and clear up a little bit of more cash next season. Look for them to try to add pitchers for bats this year.

The Freeze are in great cap shape for next season with only 19 million already spent. They have tons of players coming off the books and with only 13 wins this season and heading the wrong way in the last ten look for them to be selling sooner than later. They currently don't have anyone on the trading block but one can assume that it will change soon. the youth movement is in effect in upstate New York so look for just about anyone over 29 to be moved.

Staying in upstate New York, Syracuse is a team in need. With almost 55 million already spent next season on players this newer owner would love to shed salary. Looking deeper into in it I would say a team could get a nice whole sale price on some of these guys if they were willing to take back salary. Dick Nixon could bring back an above average prospect. He should hold his rating well as he ages. They should look at trading Alex McQuillan at all cost but I don't know if they could give him away at this point in his career... trust me in season 13 when he was hitting well I tried. My bottom line advice to a newer owner from newer owner is get younger and get your money under control.

Los Angeles L.A EliteDucks and keeid12x are in a strange spot for the Kaline world. L.A. has been a winner every season finishing .500 just once and never under it. Keeid12x is a very experience owner so it will be interesting to see what he want to do with the future of the franchise. With quite possibly the highest paid AAA team in baseball, I know he would love to drop many millions off of next years cap hit of around 55 million. Bret O'Donnell and Ralph Ellenwood are already on the trading block.

Charleston Ashley Coopers have tons of contracts leaving the books next season. They have some solid vets that could helps play-off hopefuls get over the hump. They don't have anyone on the block as of now but they would move guys if asked nice enough.

That all I am going to get into this morning have a great day.