Monday, August 30, 2010

The Play-Off Run down

Last week I talked about the AL races and since then Detroit has failed to make up ground. So its all but over and the top six are left fighting for position. Baltimore is a lock for the top spot an eight game advantage. The two hole is held by the red hot Minnesota Millers due to head to head games won. They are tied with Seattle for the top spot in the north though. Memphis and Honolulu both have all but wrapped up the Divisions as well. That leaves Indianapolis as the current six seed at only 3 games back from the wild card lead. Indianapolis has a better record than both Honolulu and Memphis. So as of right this second the two byes go to the Millers and the Baybirds. The two division winners both would play teams with better record but still home field. Seattle would face off with Memphis and Indianapolis would take a shot at Honolulu. With still 40 games or so to go anything can happen.

The NL is where all the real races are. Philly has the NL East wrapped up and Houston holds the same game lead in the South but other than that it seems like some of the play-off spots will come down to the very last week of the season. Even Los Angeles has a shot only five games out of first place and under .500.