Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

In the AL there is only one team that I would consider Hot right now and that is the Honolulu Hoplites. I do believe I called that a week ago that they would have a good run. They have won 7 straight and 12 of the last 14. The next best streak in the AL is just a three game streak by Indianapolis Devils but they are just 6 and 4 over the last 10.
In the NL the hottest team is Philadelphia Phillies winning 8 of the last 10.Since their 5 game losing streak back on 7/30 they have won 25 of their last 28. Nice work Hineiii just lose the next to to the Millers.
The Last place Vancouver Whitecaps even found a way to rip off a nice 7 game winning streak.
The Fargo Outlaws keep up their winning ways by going 16 in their last 21to open up their led over New York by 3 games.
A trade between the Blue Demons and The Banditos was vetoed by the owners. The trade would have give the Banditos a bottom of the rotation starter and a prospect that rates as a utility player. The Blue Demons would have been given some cap flexibility that they needed. On the chat board only one owner asked about it and swamphawk gave his reason and that was all. I thought It would have been passed but enough owners thought differently that I.
The draft happened this weekend and I will try to do a break down after more sign so I can see all of the ratings.