Thursday, September 16, 2010

Division Championship Series Preview

Baltimore Vs Seattle
The top seeded Baybirds draw the Seattle Grunge in their first play off series. Baltimore Is well rested and ready to go. Seattle is running a little low on energy but can still play ball pretty well. The season series was pretty close with Baltimore winning six of the ten games. Seattle line up can stand up to just about any other teams and they have a great ace to to fall back on. Baltimore will score runs and hold other teams scores down they are hard to beat. I think this series will be over in four games with Baltimore taking the series 3-1.
Minnesota Vs Honolulu
Minnesota hold the season series by just a game this season and both teams got off to a really slow start. The Millers have out hit the Hoplites this season but that doesn't make them easy outs. The Hoplites do have a very talented line up that has under preformed this season. The Pitching is really a pick a team and roll. Both teams have been about even this season so far pitching wise. If the game comes down to a home run though don't look for the Millers to be the team to let it up. The have given the fewest in the AL this season. My completely bias pick Millers in 3. You don't like it write your own stuff
Fargo Vs Philadelphia
Philly has a strong top top of their rotation and a solid middle of the order. Fargo also has a very strong top of the rotation but don't really have a big bat in the middle. A couple of their players have had nice seasons but I want to see more. They do though get on base very well so that might make this interesting series to fallow. My Pick Philly in 5.
Houston Vs New York Midtowners
Both teams finished the season 1-2 in hitting with the slight edge going to Houston. The Pitching might come down to which bullpen flinches first. To me the bullpen edge goes to Houston. This series is stacked with stars and great pitching match-ups. This might be the best series of the 4 to keep track of. My secret joy would be Gerald Baker winning a game. He is my favorite player of all time in this world. My pick is Houston in 4.