Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AL Cy Young Mid-season Report and a quick NL CY note

The AL Cy Young looks to be coming down to a top Five of Sandy Lowe (MIN), Jordy Hobbes (BAL), Bryce McMillon (DET), and two Closers Tony Ontiveros (BAL) has been brilliant and Geraldo Belliard (PAW) has been near perfect and perfect in saves so far. I don't think that relief pitchers should be part of this award because they have their fireman award to win but it is what it is. Last season McMillon was just edged out for the award last season and might happen again this season. Lowe has the best K/b ratio has only lost once this season so far and is the great .602 OPS against the best whip and the and might be the top pitcher in the AL world. Hobbes is the best pitcher on the team in the world. He has a lights out ERA and a strong win/lose record. There are plenty of other great pitchers in the world but from what I can tell from seasons passed that these will be the guys for the CY award. I don't think bullpen guys should or will win here. There is still a lot of games left and as the season progresses this should change a bit. My money is on McMillion. Who do you got.
NL CY is as easy to pick as it gets. Floyd Mullen. Hands down should be unanimous! He is have maybe the greatest pitching season ever!