Monday, November 15, 2010

Contenders Season 18

If I started with any other team besides Baltimore I would be a lair. These guys are stacked young and extremely well run and rested. They have top line Pitching leading the AL in just about ever pitching line that matters. They are first or second in every hitting line that matters. They may not be the best fielding team but they make the plays the need to be made. They are the best that Kaline has to offer and until somebody beats them they should be the favorite every time.

The second choice would be a little team in Houston. This team can pitch pitch and pitch. They just lead again every important line in the NL. They have a great bullpen and the best starter in the history of Kaline. They are not just a pitching team though they have the best OPS in the NL. They are also just above the median in fielding.

The Mighty Millers of Minnesota have a great record, have great pitchers and have great hitters. They have made about a dozen or so trades so far this season trying to find the right mix of players to stretch out the line-up and stabilize their pitching. This little team could go far if they can gel together.

In the AL Wild West we are seeing a three team show down. Scottsdale is getting wins by getting just enough hitting and passable pitching. Omaha is a top five hitting and pitching club and I will look forward to seeing how they finish up. Honolulu seems to always start slow and have a strong finish lets see if that is the same story this season.

One other AL team to bring up is Detroit. These guys had a awful start to the season but now are firing on full force. Top line pitching and a line up that has just added a needed hitter in Tony Benjamin. Agateking is still looking for a closer to shut down games and if he gets that they could really be a force.

Other NL teams with over 40 wins at this time are Philly and Montreal. Montreal is the second best hitting team in the NL and they are top five in pitching. They will be play-off bound this season for sure after missing out the last 3 seasons. The big salary Phillies have one of the worlds best middle of the orders and can send out a pitcher on any day and get a win.

There are others that could peak though but I think that as of right now these are the teams to be looking to continue on winning.

Things that are strange to me so far this season.

  • Detroit has 36 wins this season and some how only have just 12 home wins.
  • Baltimore has only lost 5 time this season at home.
  • This season has seen the highest paid international free agents ever.
  • Honolulu has played in 18 one run games winning 14 of them
  • Magglio Wilfredo and Tomas Carrasquel have played way over their heads this season.
  • New York Midtowners are playing almost .100% points under there Exp PCT
  • Detroit has had Joel Roth, and Keith Haad have hitting streaks of 18 games this season. Tony Benjamin with a 16 games streak and Julio Rodriguez with a 14 game streak.