Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ranking the Divisions

I feel like backing up my claim that the AL North is the best division in the world. I am going to rank all the division by wins than add 5 points for every All Star from the Division. What if I am wrong... than I will find another stat that makes me right.

1st place AL North 199 Wins plus 12 All Stars for a grand score of 259.
2nd place NL South 191 wins plus 12 All stars for a score of 251
3rd Place NL East 184/8 for a score of 224
4th place AL East 181/8 for a score of 221(Baybirds have 7 All Stars and 67 wins)
5th Place AL West 182/7 scores a 217
6th Place NL West 180/6 scores a 210
7th Place NL North 183/4 scores a 203
Last place by far is AL South with 157/3 scores 172 ouch
It was a little closer than I thought it would be but my numbers show that the AL North is still the very best Division the world. Now will Pawtucket and Detroit please slow down just a bit.