Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Play-off picture

Well Baltimore has been in since about the All Star break. Minnesota clinched a spot about 6 games ago. Omaha Clinch with their last win. Houston is in and has pretty much put a bow on the top spot in the NL. Philly can clinch a spot with one more win. The only Division that can really be called a race is the NL North and that lead is 3 games. That is not all that easy to overcome at this point in the game but things happen. Vancouver sits 5 games back and and Sacramento does have a hard schedule ahead but up 5 with 14 to go might just be too much to overcome. The NL wild card is going to be a photo finish again this season and there are plenty of teams playing heads up that I am not going to look at all the angles yet. The AL is pretty much set other than seeding. Still waiting on Pawtown or Honolulu to decide who takes the 5 and six spot.