Monday, January 24, 2011

Predictions season 19

AL North
Winner: Minnesota with 99-103 wins
Detroit 92-95 wins
Pawtown 87-91 wins
Seattle 65-69 wins

AL East
Winner: Baltimore(I know bold prediction) 123-126 wins. Maybe even more
Kansas City 71-75wins
Indianapolis 70-74 wins
New York Metros 69-73 wins

AL South
Winner: Memphis 88-92 wins. As badly as I wanted to pick A new winner I can't yet. This should be a very close race though
Durham 86-90 wins
Oklahoma 84-88 wins (I really like this team for some reason)
Montgomery65-69 wins(their last season in the basement)

AL West
Winner: Honolulu 88-92 wins
Salt Lake City 86-90 wins
Scottsdale 80-84 wins
Helena 70-74 wins

AL MVP: Keith Haad

AL Cy Young: Jordy "The Juicer" Hobbs

AL ROY: Some one from Baltimore for real that AAA team would make the play-offs

AL Fireman: Dick Randall if he closes all year.

The AL winner.... Detroit Miracles( Its too easy to pick the Baybirds and I look like a clown picking my own team plus really they are a very very good team)

( Do I really have to do the NL... I guess so they hold the trophy now)
NL North Winner: Fargo 103-107 wins
Montreal Otters 81-85 wins
New York 78-82 wins
Buffalo 70-74 wins
NL East winner: Philadelphia 99-103 wins
Washington D.C. 89-93 wins
Louisville 60-64 wins
Cincinnati 58-62 wins
NL South Winner: Houston 95-99 wins
Charleston 84-88 wins
Charlotte 83-87
El Paso 74-78 wins
NL West Winner:Los Angeles 92-96 wins
Sacramento 90-94 wins
Las Vegas 65-69 wins
Vancouver 15-19 wins because I know Verd will say something really though they will be about 500
NL MVP: Victor Pulido
NL Cy Young : Should I even tell you because if you don't know you should ask some one
NL Roy: I don't have a clue I didn't study that this year My guess would be Alex Polonia if he gets a call up
NL Fireman: Who every won it last year I'll go with...
NL Winner: Philly comes though in the end and goes on to lose to Long Time Kaline Owner and New World Champion agateking congratulation sir!!!!!