Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Options Options Options...

The Season 20 is a bit thin at first glance at pitching. Sure you have the the greatest Pitcher in the history of Kaline hitting the market but really after that it is pretty bare. You should be able to find a solid hitter somewhere in the mix. But if you are hoping to and dreaming to hit it big there may be a chance if the options are not picked up or taken.

Detroit has a mutual option for Bryce McMillon. He has been one of the best pitchers in the world and should have a few Cy Youngs but it has not fallen in his favor. He can play he can get a max deal and he will only be 28 next season.

Magglio Wilfredo has a player option from Memphis and he would help the weaker pitching market.

One of the greatest Hitter in the world and 3 time MVP 8 time all-star Felix Torrealba has a player option. The Future Hall Of Famer will be 32 next season.

Alex Aybar also has a player option but I would doubt that he make as much in the open market.