Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Season 20 Free Agent Report

For the second time in his career Floyd Mullen will has a chance to become a free agent. He is the greatest pitcher in the history of Kaline and even ranks as one of the best in all of what if sports. Just about every team with the cash to spare will be in on him.

Houston is also about to lose former CY winner Ramiro Cabrera. He is only 29 and has pitcher great through his career.

Those are the Headline starters other starter that should find work include; Luis Escobar , Ruben Tejada , Vin Almanzar.

For hitting help this off season it is a bit light in the market. You have David Gomez as a switch hitting firstbase option. Enrique Gomez can play just about anywhere you need him to and still can handle a bat OK. He is better than a super utility guy but is a long way from his robust homerun seasons. Efrain Redman can still hold his own in any outfield spot and not bring too much shame to his family when he steps into either side of the batters box. Hank Morgan is even better and a year younger that Redman. There are plenty others out there that can fill in as stop gaps and maybe can be had during spring training to save some money. When the time for signing comes I will do a better run down with released players and declined options