Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Season 21 Free Agent Report

The Best

Bryce McMillon (29)will be the gem free agent this shopping season. His former team did not budget to keep him so he will find a new home. Think tie breakers in this one. He will easily get a max deal.

Davey Fick (28)is a former MVP, seven time All Star 6 time Silver Slugger and also has a Gold Glove to his resume. At 28 he is ready to cash in on a mega deal in the max range.

Jake Jennings (25)is a free agent due to a new owners mistake. It is very rare to find a player of this talent and this age in free agency. He also might find himself in the 110 million range if teams want to over pay because they missed the top two.

The Rest

Those are the top tier free Agents following them is a very very good group of second tier position.

Ceasar Gabriel (30)should make a nice payday finding a spot on teams that missed out on Fick. His range does not play at shortstop but he has more that enough arm to hold down third and the glove to play second. His outstanding make-up rating means that he might still hold value at the end of a 5 year deal.

Tony Benjamin (30) Is a two time all star. A Gold Glove winner at 2nd. He is like a not quite as rich mans Gabriel but not quite a poor mans version either. He holds his own just fine but an injury at the end of the season caused him to miss the play-offs and world series. His make is not as high so I would avoid paying him too much towards the end of longer deals. Maybe front load the deal with a bonus and de-escalate it at the end.

J.R. Cunnane (31) is the only power hitter worth a damm on the open market. He is a two time all star. He hits for power and he also fields a solid CF. At 31 with a lower make-up rating I would follow the Benjamin contract plan.

Ramiro Lira (31) Has posted almost a career OPS of .900. He is a pure hitter with out much to offer in the field outside 1st base. His Make-up rating is higher than the last two but I don't see him make that much money to matter that much. I will be wrong but we will see.

Luis Mairena (31) Has won GG in CF in both leagues. He does have some pop in his bat but I would expect a sharp decline in his ratings soon. He has a terrible make-up rating and should see a fast fall. He doesn't hit well enough for a corner outfielder down the line he may be a serviceable 2nd base place holder but in this game 2nd basemen are a dime a dozen and can be found in two-way threats like just about every other player above. If you could get him on a 2 year place holder deal I could see it but I wouldn't give up a first round pick for him.

The Scrap Heap

The scrap heap and players that can be picked up during spring training on the cheap. Jim Hall (34) can still swing the bat and run some bases. He has a glove but no range left. Also he is a type A FA so happy trials Jim Hall. Archie Hubbell (30) can play every day as a super utility player. He could even fill in as a SS if needed. Benji Mota (34)is on his way to the hall but could still fill up a line-up card as a DH. He still hits and hits well and won't cost a draft pick... interesting. Jake "The Snake" Roberts (34)hits according to his ratings but not to his stats. Someone will find a use for Cesar Fernandez (26). Yes there are other out there but these are the ones I see as worth a longer look.

Did you say you wanted to add pitching?

Well there is McMillon right. Yeah then the Big drop

Rafael Guillen (35) is about to hit all out free fall in the ratings. You might be able to get two more productive starting season out of him but then its off to the pen.

Del Vallarta (30) Has had a nice career so far and has a nice make-up rating to hold for the length of a deal. This guy is an innings eater going over 200+ innings for the last 8 season and 192 9 season ago.

Chick King (30) Maybe you think that you will be the owner that he finally wins with... good luck with that.

Clyde "The Glide" Franco (35) has had nice career but maybe finally ready to head to the pen full time after this season.

There are a bunch of back of the rotation starters this season fill up on your stop gaps

The Pen

I have made a few bullpen mistakes in my day and have learned my lessons. That said.

Luis Montana (30) should hold games for you. His numbers don't show that but well he should.

Paul "OverPaid Ninja" Nakamura (35) Can you believe this guy was making 20 million a season the last few years. He has pitcher well and his ratings are holding well so he might be the next fireman of the year.

My former guys and players I swear by Cristian Black and Roy "Fort" Campbell could be your next great righty lefty set-up combination. If they are there during spring training I might make a move for them.

There is plenty of overpriced bullpen players here good luck with them.

The Spenders

What teams have in the war chest.

Baltimore 1,134,800

Boston 20,494,900*

Buffalo 12,728,984

Charleston 16,536,402

Charlotte 13,501,500

Cincinnati 33,520,550

Colorado Springs 15,454,134

Detroit 14,509,300

Durham 17,375,450

Fargo 27,529,200

Helena 26,475,300 *

Honolulu 15,262,900

Houston 1,919,050

Indianapolis 3,019,384

Jackson 22,706,550*

Kansas City 15,918,750

Las Vegas 39,510,300

Memphis 25,964,850

Minnesota 50,200,000

Montreal 14,525,000

New York 57,311,150

Pawtucket 25,885,467*

Philadelphia 36,426,750

Richmond 26,880,050*

Sacramento 40,359,000

Salem 32,418,300

Scottsdale 16,997,418

Seattle 49,808,750

St. Louis 27,379,150

Vancouver Not Much at all under 600k

Washington D.C. 2,331,050

Wichita 5,020,450

* have yet to finish arbitration cases

Bold- Max deal potential

I didn't look at what every team has for holes or if they have AAA call-ups coming yet so something might be off on their max deal abilities.