Friday, August 26, 2011

Early Season Trends and Production

  • Well Baltimore is a Force. If you didn't know that you are blind. Their record is insane at 38-6. Fun Fact Gus West has half of the teams losses. Their payroll next season could be a team record after the arbitration case. My interest is peaked on the choice that Cloudg13 will make for the future of the team. his AAA team is stacked and could play above .500 in the ML. I am getting goo-goo gaa gaa over this squad time to move on.

  • Helena is a joke. Also an insane record but in reverse at 5-39. I thought that they might bring up some younger talent but at this point why waste the service time. Good news though they have a 10 game lead for the top pick in the draft next season.

  • The Mighty Millers are getting on a roll. The on;y team not to lose a series to The Triple Bs. Huge trade right after the season started to add a huge bat but at the cost of a great arm and solid bat. Risky because of the contract year for Victor Pulido and I may be having a little buyers remorse for it.

  • What-a-be-Minneapolis hold the third best record in all the land. From my write up I should have seen that but the record I gave them was not on point. Fielding has be terrible but the pitching might improve yet. Hitting has been the bread and butter over the years and we are seeing that again this season.

  • Philly and the crazy payroll of 135 million = a .400 winning percent. Their real problem is that they can't beat Sacramento. So far this season they are 0-7. They are not doing so hot when the other nine on the diamond if from Fargo either going 2-4 so far. Things will balance out a little.

  • The AL West looks to have a below .500 winner so good for them. Funny thing though. Helena, despite that record, is closer to first place then Kansas City and Cinncy. Those Last two teams can go ahead and bust out the season 22 blueprint. Three teams from the East is not going to happen. Montreal seem as the only NL team in need of a quick turn around.

  • Early season newly sign free agents production: Davey Fick is just about right where his career line stands. Just a shade below. Bryce McMillon is having a slow start in Minnesota, but Cesar Gabriel in just about at his career line. Jake Jennings is just a pile of steaming shit so far. His OPS is .669. He has zero plus plays and 4 minus plays. New York added Del Vallarta and he is pitching above his career line. On the other hand they also forked over about 90 million to J.R Cunnane. His .656 OPS is not what he is paid to do.