Monday, October 3, 2011

Clearer Pictures... Sort of

I would like to start with the major loss to the one of the Kaline world greatest, Hector Merced. He wont even be back as an ace again. If he can hold onto a spot on the voting I am going to give Merced a life time achievement vote for everything he has given Kaline. I will start the campaign now Vote For Hector!

Lets get over and check the NL first this time. With slim leads in the NL East and the NL West every game let matters even more. I am calling The north race now. Congrats Fargo your magic number is 8 with 13 to play. Also Houston clinched a few games ago so congrats on that. Also Congrats to Salem for locking up at least a wild card spot. I am also calling Vancouver to take the last spot.

Now the races! Both Sacramento and Salem are in it is just a matter of seeding. I am going to give the West to Sac-town. They just have better pitchers and now more so then ever that matters more. The schedule is about even on including playing the same two teams to end the season. The only thing holding them up a bit might be a motivated Philly team make a late season move.

NL East has Philly charging a bit. Charging in the east is really not that big of a deal this season but still winning 7 of the last ten puts them in good shape. Philly does have to fight through a Houston team for 3 more games. Then onto Salem before we get a 3 game set against Boston. i hope we still have a race to watch then. Side note maybe Richmond can steal it with an easy schedule but losing to Philly last series really hurt them.

So we have a seeding as such

  1. Houston

  2. Sacramento

  3. Fargo

  4. Philly

  5. Salem

  6. Vancouver

Really a respectable group of teams here and should be an interesting play-offs.

AL time Minnesota has locked up a play-off spot and Baltimore did it around the all star break. Also Pawtucket has a magic number of one to clinch the first wild card spot. Scottsdale clinched awhile ago congrats to the Slam. that leaves The North, South and second wild card spot.

AL North has Pawtucket hanging around but missing a chance to gain ground by losing that last 3 game set. Still they have Jackson and Helena left for seven more soft games though Helena has been better since their awful start. Minnesota has Scottsdale and they might be in rest mode and a terrible Colorado Springs team. Both teams wrap up with two teams fighting for the six spot. Of course i give it to Minnesota what do you think I am crazy!

AL South has St. Louis going up with Baltimore for three more games a four game set with Kansas City, Jackson and a three game set with Memphis. They are slipping a little. Memphis is taking control a bit while Durham could not get traction and slip in to the conversation more. Memphis has does not play a team below .500 the rest of the way. My pick is St.Louis here just because I think that they can make up the two games with a softer team ahead.

Second Wild card Spot. Wow Seattle now holds it. They play the north leaders both fighting for first round byes. If the race gets a little one sided they hit a break because both will be resting starters for the play-offs. If not they will need their a game to get in. If The Devils get get moving they might find themselves in a great spot to take this thing. If I give St. Louis the South then Memphis has to be right in here as a favorite. Basically right now I don't know it looks like 4 teams two spots for two and win or nothing for two. I am going to give it to Seattle because I hope to be resting my starters by the time we play!

  1. Baltimore

  2. Minnesota

  3. St. Louis

  4. Scottsdale

  5. Pawtucket

  6. Seattle

Good luck with that.