Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Season 22 Kick-Off

The trade forcast

With only about twenty trades total each of the last season two seasons, teams have seemed to want to biuld from with in. That is one great approach to winning games but the flip side of that coin is an arbitration mess. Teams like Baltimore, Wichita, Scottsdale, Pawtown, Houston, Helena, Fargo, and Detroit all in a bit of an aritration mess with the payroll hike. On top of those team other teams have a few players whose numbers sky rockets in the 3rd year. So what does all this mean? I think that it means more trades early. Also the free agent market is solid but not great and prices are going to get bloated for average to good players. I am betting that we come close to doubling last season trade total with those to storms coming.

War chests

Philadelphia is sitting at about 90 million spent already this season but with actually means that they have about 55-60 million in disposable free agent cash on hand. Hineiii is always busy in the open market so look for a 110 million dollar contract added to this team for sure this season. Can you say Luther Hutton.

Buffalo will take a few hits on a couple of players leaving via FA but in turn they will get tons of extra spending cash. Last season they budgeted 90 million and if they hit that same number that will give them about 40 million to on the open market. This team is in great shape to make a run with the right addition.

Salem also has a huge amout of extra cash on hand. about 45-55 million if they go with last season number.

That is all I am going to dig for until budgets are set. After budgets are set and FA are announced I will have my annual Free Agent Report ready.

Notes and Thoughts and Stuff

If Baltimore does not make a trade they might have a franchise pay-roll record this season.

Honolulu has the first pick in the draft for the second striagt season. That is the first time since The Rochester Nighthawks(Now Seattle) tanked their way into a power house in season 5,6 and 7.

Chris Ray sits just 8 homeruns and 31 RBI short of the Kaline records. If he can find a team he should be able to get there. He is also about 90 hits away from the record. If someone could just give him one more season worth of at bats he will have the numbers to be the greatest hitting in the history of the world. If not second best will have to do.

Last season predictions results and I am good I must say... Sort of

AL North

The Minnesota Millers 98-102 wins

Really won 100

The Pawtucket Juggernauts 84-89 wins

Really Won 98 but finished 2nd

The Detroit Miracles 82-87 wins
Really won 82

Seattle Grunge 79-84 wins
Really Won 87 so close

The AL EastBaltimore 114-119
Really Won 123 how can you predict high then 120.

Indianapolis Devils 80-85 wins
Really Won 85

Kansas City Dingbats 80-85 wins
Really won 69 yuck bad ownership is what I blame my guess was good.

Cincinnati Red Legs 55-60 wins
Really Won 79. Good ownership I blame for my bad pick

The AL South

St. Louis Black Dynamites 98-102

Really Won 84 and missed the post season. I don't know

Durham Spitoons 86-91
Really Won 82 pretty close.

Memphis Packers 64-69

Really won 85 made the post season. I really have to spot picking agianst them.

Jackson Rollin Rebels 57-62 wins
Really Won 72

AL West

Scottsdale Slam 87-92 wins
Really won 85. They should have won a few more.

Helena Troy 65-70
Really won 57. Had a horrible start just terrible.

Honolulu Hoplites I must have missed my pickbut I must have been close

Really won 52

Colorado Springs Cougars 54-59 wins

Really won 57

NL Prediction season 21

Posted by Burning Bush on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
NL North
NL North Standings

Buffalo with 88-93 wins
Fargo with 88-93 wins
New York 86-91 wins
Montreal 79-84 wins

Real Standings

Fargo 88

New York 85
Buffalo Freeze 72

Montreal Otters 71

NL East Standing

Boston 83-88 wins
Philadephia 81-86 wins
Washington D.C. 71-76 wins
Richmond 67-72 wins

Real Standings

Philadelphia 78
Richmond Rebels 75
Boston Muffin Hawks 75
Washington D.C. 68

NL South

NL South Standings

Houston 100-105 wins

Charleston 89-94 wins

Charlotte 79-84 wins

Wichita 58-63 wins

Real Standings
Houston 103
Charleston 84
Wichita 76
Charlotte 71

NL West

NL West Standings

Sacramento 98-103 Wins

Salem 83-88 wins

Vancouver 81-86 wins

Las Vegas 55-60 wins

Real Standings
Sacramento Renegades 104
Salem EliteDucks 97
Vancouver Whitecaps 86
Las Vegas 62