Friday, May 11, 2012

Pitcher VS Pitcher and Free Agentcy War Chests

Pitcher ,1 30 years old Type "A" Free agent

Pitcher 2, 31 years old Type "B" Free agent
Career Numbers

(1) OPS against .720 WHIP 1.33 K/BB 2.5/1
(2) OPS Against .722 WHIP 1.36 K/BB 1.9/1
Key Ratings
(1) Durability 33 Health 92 ST 70 Control 86 L 69 R 73 1st 83 2nd 79 3rd 53 4th 62 5th 42
(2) Durability 30 Health 68 ST 69 Control 79 L 72 R 77 !st 86 2nd 68 3rd 67 4th 56 5th N/A
How much more money would you be willing to pay Gus West over Trevor Wilkins? West will cost you a draft pick plus will put you in a bidding war for most of the of season. Wilkins doesn't cost a pick and is just about as good. I for one will be offering tons of cash to West because I am just not that smart.

Spending Money*

(*quick glance)
(**Not yet Completed Arbitration)
((Cheater) means the guy is a Known Cheater inside the game)
Means can offer max deal after Arb.

That gives 11 team right now at a chance for a max deal. Of those 11 though six still have to run arbitration and after that 7 maybe 8 teams able to offer a max deal.