Monday, May 21, 2012

Season 24 AL Preview


The Best division in baseball has slipped a bit but still has the title because I say so.

Seattle Grunge brought ferg63 his first division title last season with a 96 wins. They have not really added much so we will see basically the same team that was a top five hitting, pitching and fielding team. If you can be top five in all parts of the game it can lead to a nice season. They still lack top end pitching but park factors and great defense has worked well in the past for them and I don't think it will change now.

Key players
Jake Jennings
David Bolivar
Tony Tavarez

Wins 89-93

Pawtucket Juggernauts always seem to be in the mix for the post season hunt. Last season they ran off 92 wins. They signed Sean Hafner to help replace the injured Geraldo Belliard in the bullpen. Not a highlight reel fielding club but they make the plays they are suppose to. They hit about middle of the pack last season and they should be about right in that area again this season. The starting are one of the best groups in the AL.

Key players
Shane Kraemer
Anthony Rivera
Jarrod Walton

Wins 87-91

Minnesota Millers had an off season last year. They didn't hit very well and pitching should have been better. They were about average in the field. The addition of Eduardo Palacios should help out some in center field. Russell Young is also added in with hopes that he still has something left in his bat. Trevor Wilkins what given a large contract to fill in as a number four starter.

Key players
Bryce McMillon
Roger Jamison
Lyle Moran

Wins 85-89

Detroit Miracles are still feeling the pains of losing two of the best pitchers in the world. They are also about average in the field of slightly below. They were a bottom half pitching team and also bottom half hitting club. Adrian Donovan was signed as a free agent and they traded for Alex Thomas and Herbert Pride and added Jack Cecil via rule V.

Key players
Keith Haad
Adrian Donovan
Herbert Pride


AL East

Baltimore Baybirds are coming off of a heart breaking post season loss. the top hitting and pitching team in the AL. They are a crisp fielding team with too. The rotation is great the pen is strong the line-up is stacked.

Key players
The whole roster is what I meant.

Wins 105-109

Cincinnati Red Legs won 96 games in season 22 and dropped down to 66 wins last season with out much roster change. Last season they were a bottom 5 hitting team and a below average pitching team. Also the fielding was below average. The AAA team is stacked with plenty of players ready to head to the ML at some point this season.

Key Players
Dave Barnes
Scott Wallace

Wins 82-86 if AAA players are promoted after twenty games

Indianapolis Devils are the traditional bridesmaids in the East. Last season they had the most errors in the AL and were about even in the +/-. They were a bottom five pitching team and let up a league leading 244 home runs. Hitting was just below average. It was a busy off season adding Gerald Zhang in a trade and free agent signings of Billy Neill, Vitas Sutton, and Damaso Roque. In AAA they have a couple of players that could help them get some wins this season too.

Key Players

Wins 79-83

Chicago White Sox ended last season on an 11 game losing streak. They were the bottom hitting team in the AL. The pitching was below average. The Fielding was very near the bottom as well. They added Aaron Abbott and Magglio Jose to help fill in some needs. The starting rotation in young and has huge upside. Pitching should be much better. Hitting is still terrible but the fielding should be improved a little bit.

Key Players

Wins 68-72

AL South Home of the World Champs

El Paso Silverbacks kept the championship in the AL were it belongs. They were a top two hitting and pitching team and also fielded above average. This off season was about keeping the core together. There is not reason they should not be pushing for another title this season.

Key Players

Wins 104-108

Jackson  Rebels are a team base on defense with an impressive +/- ratio. Last season they were a bit below average in hitting. Adding David Gomez should help get a few more runs across the plate this season. Pitching was above average though they lack top end starting pitching. The pen is in good shape and should hold leads well enough.

Key Players

Wins 78-81

Memphis Packers have a long history of winning in Kaline. The last few season have needed some roster turning but they have enough players to win some games. They were a bottom tiered pitching staff last season and add Edgard Segui to help out with that. Pitching might still struggle some this season. Offense was about middle of the road. Defense was awful and looks to be about the same this season.

Key Players

Wins 70-74

Durham Spitoons is a fairly deep team. They were a top three defensive team last season. Hitting was in the top half last season and should improve some this year. Pitching was also about middle of the pack. There is a bit of a face lift on the pitching staff as they added Hector Bautista and Aurelio Seanez. Overall I see an improved team.

Key players

Wins 84-88

AL West
The west had to be delayed a day because I just don't know how it is going to bounce. Not like I know how anything is going to bounce but the top three teams are so close.

Helena Troy was historically terrible in the field last season being only one of two teams in the AL upside down in +/- plays. They also pitched terrible. They were a top five hitting club though. infamy has a great winning track record and I believe the team is finally ready to push.

Key Players
Robinson Lanier
Miguel Guillen
Vladimir Fernandez

Wins 82-86

Los Angeles Scandals have a nice fitting name due to last seasons issues. With that mostly behind us I continue. Some new owner mistakes by letting Ubaldo Maduro unprotected before the rule V draft after making a trade. If the owner of the team was asked I bet he would be willing to make things right. It was a busy off season here with lots of movement. They pitched well last season and that should repeat. Hitting was terrible but that should be improved. Fielding was impressive with a +/- difference over 100.

Key Players
Erubiel Delgado
Charlie Ohman
Benito Tejera

Wins 82-86

Scottsdale Slam are going to make a strong push for their sixth AL West title. The away pitching proves that they are a solid pitching staff. The hitters have no issues crossing the plate and they added Brutus Girardi and Stephen Smalley to keep them scoring. Defense was about average. Leon Blasingame was added and he should be able to get about 15-20 innings. They should think about signing Howard Black.

Key Players
Vic Bishop
Morgan Coles
Ramiro Cabrera

Wins 82-86

Honolulu Hoplites are in season six of the rebuild. They were the bottom pitching team in the world. A bottom five hitting team in the world and the bottom in the AL. Fielding was below average. It is a young team with a fine crop of minor league talent. Still might be a year away from pushing too mush though.

Key Players
Hector Jenkins
Victor Marmol
Timo Benard

Wins 64-68

Post Season Placement

  1. Baltimore Baybirds
  2. El Paso Silverbacks
  3. Seattle Grunge
  4. Helena Troy
  5. Pawtucket Juggernauts
  6. Cincinnati Red Legs
And Baltimore goes onto the World Series after a tough six game series against The Red Legs


The Chris Ray(MVP): Jerry Leonard
The Floyd Mullen(Cy Young): Armando Ramirez
The Gary Seavers(ROY): Graham Romero
The Tony Ontiveros(Fireman): Benji Lira