Friday, May 4, 2012

Season 24 Scary Arbitration Numbers

The World Champs  El Paso Silverbacks, will find them selves in a bit of a jam with Alfredo Espinosa asking for 11.4 million, Jose Cortez asking for 8.2 and Del Figureoa asking for 4.8. They already have about 76 million in contracts out for 19 players.
The Trible Bs  also will see some large Arb numbers head up by Armando Ramirez asking for about 11 million.
Pete Stein is crazy to ask for 9.1 from Durham.

Donovan Willis is shooting for 8.3 from The Slam.

Free Agency at a glance Posistion

If it is a power hitter you want then you need not look into free agency this season. Stephen Smalley has a bit left in the tank but his power is going quick.
Need a back up catcher/DH? Vasco Martinez  should get on base at a nice pace still though he never was a true catcher. Alex Rios can play the poor mans Martinez. Abdul Murray  has a little stick left and can catch if needed. Eugene Lewis is younger but will cost you a draft pick. Glenallen Hatfield should be cheap and could keep a spot warm.
Firstbasemen... Yuck. David Gomez can still hit a bit and should add to his 530 career homeruns. That is about it.
Secondbase: Andres Pujols will ask for a large contract but is not really worth it. Sean Giles is young and an ok player.
Thirdbase: Russell Young could give you a bit of offense but his days at third are all but gone. Tony Benjamin is made of glass and also cant field too well there anymore. Cal Harris needs to see the eye doctor.
Short Stop: Mike Lowery can hit some but but not enough to overcome below average fielding. Kris Tate is your best option for glove first type.
Left Field: Damaso Roque is ok and can play everyday. I don't think he is worth losing a pick for though.
Center Field: Vitas Sutton is an alright player and can hold his own at the plate as well as in the field. Nolan Snow would not be terrible to have on a team but NOT in center. Those days are long gone if they were every there.
Right Field: A bunch junk!