Friday, May 25, 2012

The Who Cares NL Preview

With a grand total of five championship in the world history, the NL has been the abortion that got away. With that said, here is your NL preview.

NL North

The NL North is stacked with top end starting pitching. Also for the first time in 10 season, they are bringing in a new owner.

New York Midtowners are going for their third straight North title. The team is aging some and it is starting to show on the ratings. Last season they were a top five hitting team and they should be around there again this season. With just a little better OBP% they could add a bunch of runs. The pitching last season was top three in the NL. The rotation is headed by five time All Star Angel Cueto. The fielding was just awful last season. Poor fielding % and upside down on the +/-. If Alex Aguilar gets everyday work at SS that should help out a ton.

Key Players

Wins 89-93

Montreal Otters just missed the post season last year and are on the cusp to break into it this season. This squad is also getting old quick and the window with the current group is getting tight. The pitching is not as good as the others in the North but holds its own NL wide sitting around average. Fielding is good to go and in the top five. Hitting was in the top three.

Key Player

Wins 86-90

Buffalo Freeze has one of the best starting rotations in baseball headed by the best current pitcher, "Rowdy" Russell Reitz. The line-up is solid but last season didn't show it. The fielding is below average.

Key players

Wins 78-82

Toledo LittleGREENmen were not firing well last season. Pitching was not were it has been the last few seasons finishing in the bottom half of the NL. Defense is below average. Hitting was about middle of the pack. They do lack a pop in the line up.

Key Players

Wins 75-79

NL East

Columbus Chocolate Homunculi has a nice mix of hitting, pitching and fielding. Last seasons hitting numbers were above average but I think that will be right about there again this season. Pitching numbers showed up in the top five. Fielding plays well enough.

Key Players

Wins 89-93

Atlanta Braves were last seasons sacrifice to the AL. Offense was good enough last season and pushed runs across the plate. Pitching was outstanding and placing in the top three with out any high end studs thanks to the great defense.

Key players

Wins 89-93

Philadelphia Phillies have had issues because of the weakness of the free agency market. The good news is Hector Merced is back. Fielding was best in the NL last season.Pitching was also very strong last year. Hitting was below average to bad. They are really fighting age here.

Key Players

Wins 87-91

Washington D.C. Black Bears are still a season or two away from pushing for the post season. This is a team with some outstanding prospects but lacking ML talent. Bottom three in both hitting and pitching but fielded very well.

Key players

Wins 68-72

NL South

With two of the top 3 picks in the upcoming draft the south has some work to do.

Houston Grandes will go for their 8th straight South title. A terrible fielding team. They were in the top half in pitching and were the best hitting and run score team. Floyd "The Hit Man" Mullen is sucking up a large chunk of payroll but comes off the books at season end.

Key players

Wins 99-103

Charleston Ashley Coopers are your average team. Middle of the pack in both pitching and hitting. Fielding  though is in the bottom tier. Not a whole lot going on this off season for our world traveler. Some interesting guy in AAA could see ml action at some point this season.

Key Players

Wins 80-84

Charlotte Shock have been restocking the minors for the last few season and might still be a season or two away from really pushing for more wins. Last season was brutal in the field. Not any better in the mound. Hitting was also below average. Tim Herndon was brought in to help on the mound.

Key player

Wins 65-69

Wichita Waves is in an all out rebuilding mode. Billhowell75 is taking his 274+ season of experience to work on the overhaul. Right now though, I have them pegged for the top pick in next years draft.

Key players

Wins 58-62

NL West

Sacramento Renegades are the cream of the NL. They hoovered around the middle of the pack in hitting. They were top five in both pitching and fielding though. Busy in free agent spending this off season adding Gus West to the rotation.

Key Players
Davey Fick
Luther Hutton
Matt Burns

Wins 100-104

Salem EliteDucks will be right on the heels of the Renegades this season.Passable with the gloves but nothing special. Pitching was pretty good and hitting was top five. High end players make this team go but the gap between the top guys and bottom guys is rather large.

Key Players
Big Dick Randall
Jordan Weiss
Andy Hunter

Wins 97-101

Vancouver Whitecaps are back on the up swing but still maybe a season away from making too much noise. They were in the bottom five in pitching and hitting but both should come closer to the middle of the pack this season. Field was middle of the pack.

Key Players
Patrick Bundy
Marcus Washington
Lorenzo Sierra

Wins 78-81


Las Vegas Blue Demons field really well second best in the NL. Hitting was dead last and pitching was just about middle of the pack.

Key players
Jordy "The Juicer" Hobbs
Matty Guerrero
Juan Gomez

Wins 70-74

Post Season Spots
  1. Sacramento Renegades
  2. Houston Grandes
  3. Columbus Chocolate Homunculi
  4. New York Midtowners
  5. Salem EliteDucks
  6. Florida Phantoms
The top two teams show well in the post season and do battle with another Cloud vs Bernie World Series Match up.

The Alex Silva(NL MVP): Davey Fick
The Hector Merced(NL Cy Young): Big Dick Randall
Enrique Olivares (ROY): Max Valentin
Fireman Matt Burns