Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Play-Off Pictures and More fun with Cash

The AL post season is almost complete. The spots are Baltimore #1 and El Paso at #2 for first round passes. Seattle will be #3 and Honolulu makes their return to the post season with the #4 spot. The only thing left to decide is the wild card spots. With three teams fighting for two spots and all with in three games it could come down to the final game. The Mightest Of Millers currently sit on the out side but they do hold the tie breaks over the two teams in front of them. Jackson has the #5 spot right now and also have the lighter schedule then Chicago. Chi-Town has games three against Honolulu and Baltimore plus a four game set against El Paso. If they get by those teams and are still in the mix it will be well earned. (Side note the Millers have just take four of six from Baltimore and Seattle in the last few days)

The Only race in the NL is in the NL East and who ever is runner up still will make the post season. Placement goes Sacramento Renegades #1, New York Midtowners #2, Houston Grandes #3, Columbus Chocolate Homunculi #4, Salem EliteDucks #5 and Atlanta Braves at #6.

In the Off-Season I posted about signing either Gus West or Trevor Wilkins. As the season comes to a close we can look at the numbers. Minnesota has a much better defense compared to Sacramento but play in the AL. I am then going to just call it a wash and look at each players numbers. West pulled in a max deal and made 30 million this season while Wilkins cost 8.6. Neither is really very cheap.

GS   W      Inn     K/BB   WHIP  ERA
 32     16  208.2    3.46      1.14   3.58

GS    W     Inn      K/BB   WHIP ERA

33     12     185.2   1.81     1.22   2.91

Both pitcher have had nice seasons this season and have been just about as productive.