Monday, August 20, 2012

Let the Off Season begin.

What I think by looking over the War Chest numbers.

First the easy one. Jarrod Walton looks to be heading to The New York Midtowners with a contract offer of 58 million over five years. It looks like The Mighty Millers are second. I know that the Millers have hit their top and going to withdraw their offer. That means (HINT HINT HINT) that The Midtowners could drop their offer big time and save a bunch of money. The only other teams that New York would have to worry about are Salem and the 30 million they have out and The Knight also have a smaller offer out that I can't pin point. I also don't know if Salem is in on him.
****Salem no longer has a contact offer out******

Now the big show down as three teams are in a bidding war for the services of Roger Jamison. Charleston Ashley Coopers have a known 84.5 million in free agent spending out right now. Scranton Spam have 86 million out over five years and Toledo LittleGREENmen have 85 million out over five years. these offers are so close that it depends on bonuses that are being given for who is in front. Both Toledo and Charleston have enough cap space to give out a max bonus while Scranton is about 216,500 short. Adjust your offer gents, I'll be watching.
Roger Jamison update
Ashley Coopers have upped there offer to 93 Million and they still have room in this seasons budget to add a max bonus. It looks like the  LittleGREENmen have dropped out of the bidding and have moved onto other plans. The Spam have upped their offer to 96.2 and also have room in the budget for a max bonus.

Jarrod Walton  Update

The Midtowners still seems to be the only team in there unless mrbill99 decided to make a late offer. He does have contract offer(s) out for 10 million over three years and has budget room.

We are finding wonderful world again a bit short on high end free agents.

Top Hitter

There is Keith Haad (28)in the prime of his career. I would think he will be very near the max contract though. With a career OPS of .891 and solid enough fielding to hold down a corner OF spot or a risky 2nd basemen, he could be worth every penny. He won't put too many over the fence but in the right line-up he could score 120 runs score, 120 RBI and have 190 hits. As far as his ratings go, he does have a lower makeup rating so expect some decline towards the end of the contract but after breaking the bank for five years he should be willing to re-sign at a more modest price due to his patience rating. His health rating might turn some owners away as well. With all that said, to have the best results for him the owners team would need to run a 20/20 training and medical budgets to keep him on the field and to keep his ratings up.
Contract prediction: 20 million over 5 years with a 5 million bonus for a total of 105 million
Philadelphia Phillies signed him for 20x5 with a player option. I was so close on this one.

Roger Jamison  (31) has strong makeup to justify a 5 year contract. The five time All Star has always had an OPS over .800 and a career OPS of .861 despite spending eight season in pitching friendly Washington. he has hit 30 or more home runs in eight of his ten major league season. He is also a guy that could really boost his numbers in the right line-up. As far as fielding goes he can play a corner OF spot or 1st. He has played some 2nd but his ratings are just not there for me to play him there. His health and Durability can keep him on the field for 150 plus games a year. Also as stated above his strong makeup should help keep his ratings strong. At his age re-signing him is really not that important.
Contract prediction: 14 million over 5 years and a 10 million bonus for a total of 80 million.

Damaso Roque (33) Rounds out the top end free agent hitters. His lower makeup rating means that the signing owner will need to have a 20 million in their training budgets to help he hold his ratings at all. Either way he will be in ratings free fall soon. his durability and health are very strong though so he should give the owner 150+ games for sure as long as he is hitting well enough to justify a spot in the line-up. He will field just a corner spot or 1st. His career OPS is .825 and he could put up around 20-25 home runs. Despite his big time speed, he is not a base stealing threat as sometimes he just looks lost on the base path. I would only give him a max of a three year contract.
Contract prediction: 12 million over 4 years 0 bonus for a total of 48 million.
Buffalo Freeze Signed him for 3.5x3 with a 10 million bonus for a total of 20.5... Truly a great signing! Way off, I was worried the world would over value him.

The Rest Of the Pack

Donovan Willis (32) is only a Type "B" and has a high makeup rating. He is also from the Great State of Minnesota so that means The Dude Abides!
Contract prediction: 8.5x3 0 bonus for a total of 25.5 million.
Walter Wilson (34) might be a scrap pick up because of age and Type "A" status.
Contract prediction: 3.8x2 Zero bonus for a total of 7.6 million
Toledo LittleGREENmen signed him for 5millionx4
Pablo Rijo (29) might get what he is asking for and 15 million total.
Charlotte Shock signed him 5 million over 3 years.
That is about it for quality in Free Agency. Some fine roster filler and place holders though.

Top Pitchers
There are not any staff aces but a few nice arms to pick from

Sandy Lowe (36) With an outstanding career line, she is the best of the pack but age is the key issue. she did pitch from the bullpen the last few season but her ratings play fine as a starter. Her high make-up ratings can help her hold of the age for a little bit longer but you will need to keep up a high training budget to also help. Her splits have held up great over time as has her control. Her pitches have as well.. Her velocity has been on a steady slip though for a few season now.
Contract prediction: 9 million over 4 years 5 million bonus for a total of 41 million.
Charleston Ashley Coopers Signed HER for 39.6 million over 3 season with a 4 million dollar bonus for a total of 43.6 Oh so close... I mean my offer was 42.5!!!!
Jarrod Walton (33) He has had an up and down career but has an above average pitching line. The only thing that has started to slip in his ratings is his velocity. With a lower velocity and average control you could see his numbers rise a bit but he should still play well as a number 2. He has a nice make-up rating so he should hold his ratings well.
Contract prediction: 12 million over 5 years Zero bonus for 60 million total.

Ramiro Cabrera (34) A five time All Star and former Cy Young winner. He has seen some ratings decline but with the stamina/durability mix he should have no problem giving the signing owner 230 innings and 35 starts if they choose to send him out that much. His pin point control and high rating 1st pitch have given him a great BB/Ks ratio over his career. he has been know to let up a bunch of home runs though. In a pitchers park with a strong ranged outfield he could really thrive though.
Contract prediction: 8.5 million over 5 years 3 million bonus for a total of 45.8 million.
Pittsburgh Flying Dutchmen Signed him for 35 million over 4 years with a mutual option the last season.
The Rest of the Pack

Rabbit McClellan (32) Nice pitching ratings poor results. Contract prediction: 5.8x4 zero bonus 23.2 total
Toledo LittleGREENmen signed him for 6.8x3 for a total of 20.4.
Billy Neill (35) Very poor VsR split ok pitches and good velocity and control. I think he will get what he ask for and just a one year 5.6 million deal.

Other Free Agent Signings Of Note

Colby Richard signed with Scottsdale for 27 over 5 years with a Mutual Option.
Antonio Katou signed with Scottsdale for 29 over 5 years.
Luis Montana signed with Pittsburgh  for 9.2 million over 2 years.
Vitas Sutton signed with Buffalo for 1.4 over 2 season with a 10 million bonus for a total of 12.8 million
Jair Mijares signed with Detroit for 20 million over five years with a Mutual Option. I love this move.
Tony Kojima signed with Pittsburgh for 23 million over 3 years with a Mutual Option.

The War Chests (in millions rounded)
Baybirds                   5.4 No movement

Freeze                      9.6 No current offers out

Ashley Coopers        23 with offers of 84.5 over 5 years out.

Shock                       10 million no current offers

Red Legs                    29 No movement

Miracles                    8 Million No current offers

Spitoons                      11 No Movement

Silverbacks                   1 No Movement

Troy                            25 No Movement

Hoplites                       6 Has a about 3 million in Free Agent Contracts out for this season only

Grandes                     6.5 No Movement

Devils                       23 No Current offers out.

Rollin Rebels              6 No current offers out

Blue Demons              8.5 No current Offers

Scandals                    2.5 No Movement

Packers                    6.5 No Offers out

Otters                      16.5 no Movement

Knights                     46 and has about 6-7 million out in contracts this season and next.

Midtowners               11 Million Has a 5 year contract offer out worth about 58 million or a few smaller ones

Juggernauts               1.2 No Offers out

Phillies                       0 What do you think... Good luck Commish with only $2600 bucks left!

Flying Dutchmen        2 No offers

Renegades                  3 No Offers

EliteDucks                  21 still but has about a 10x3 contract out. or a couple smaller ones at least

Slam                        14 and no more current offers

Spam                         28 Has about 86 million in offers out over five years.

Grunge                       6.5 No current offers

LittleGREENmen         32 Million And has About 85 Million In offers over 5 season.

Whitecaps                     3 and a small offer out

Black Bears                44.9 No Movement

Waves                        50.2 no Movement

Millers                        15 Eat me!!!!!