Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Season 30 Free Agent Buzz - All about....

Season 30 looks to be all about one player, Amp Bevil. After being traded to Washington D.C. by Mexico City (formally Texas) during season 28 and helping the Black Bears win the first Championship in that franchise's history last season 29. His two year run in DC looks to be over as he now becomes a free agent and will go to the highest bidder. But not technically. At age 29 who knows what kind of money he would have commanded if not for the cap on a players salary. One Owner/GM stated that if not for the restriction that a record setting salary would have been given out, along with an empty wallet for the owner of that team.

So if not money then how is it determined where Amp will end up. First there is a salary to be paid. The MAX contract!!! $110,000,000. This is broken down by 20 million per year over 5 years and a bonus of 10 million to be paid in year one. If only one team offers a MAX deal then that team will win his services.

Wait whats that you ask, what happens if more then one team offers a MAX deal. Well there are a few things that need to be checked before we can even talk tiebreakers. (yes there are tiebreakers... plural) First up is the "No trade clause" players love these and must be on the offer sheet, then there is the "Player Option" in year 5 also must be on the offer sheet. Here is the real kicker, if a team has had said player for more then 5 seasons, then that team gets a loyalty bonus and the team wins right then and there (assuming they offer the MAX contract), but since Amp was traded two seasons ago this does not apply.

Then come the tiebreakers. For Amp it will come down to a simple math game of who can get the highest Avg of the Pitching Coach and the Bullpen Coach "Pitching IQ" rating. If by chance that after all of these items there is still a tie. Then it comes down to what ballpark you play in. Pitchers will want to play in a pitcher friendly ballpark.

So now that we have what the offer is and what the tiebreakers are out of the way, lets take a look at who is in the running. Above you will find an overview color coded to show that a total of 15 teams have the required amount of money to offer Mr. Bevil the MAX contract. But according to the data cruncher's here at Kaline World, we see that only 7 teams actually have the required 30 million out in the form of offers. (must have 20 million out in offers and at lest 10 million left over to cover the bonus to be in this group) This is not an exact science since the money offered could equal above the 30 and be out on multiple players, as well as the list of teams could increase since 15 teams have the cash to make the offer.  Once we have the list of potential teams then we start to look at the first tiebreaker, this is almost 100% of the time where the contest ends. 5 of the 7 teams need one of the two coach types, with my money on El Paso and there 82.5 avg Pitching IQ leading the race...for now, stay tuned should be a fun ride!!!