Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pitching Rotations

Today I am going to take a look at the best rotations in baseball. Since I can't look to see who everyone has 1-5 I will guess. I will also average out the overall to rank the best.

The Top rotation in Kaline goes to Houston Grandes. This team is just stacked at the starter positions. The top has the best pitcher in the world Floyd Mullen down a point this year at 93 overall. Than you have young Jarrod Walker at 83 fallowed my Clayton Serra at 81. Oh and the reining AL Cy young winner pitching in the 4 hole. Yes The 4 hole rated at 76. Rounding out the top five is not an easy pass either with Wilfredo Silva rated at 72. This is a scary good group. This might be enough to get them to a world championship. Total Average is 81.

Next the team that is the World Champion and should still be picked to be the champ is Baltimore. Heading their rotation is Jordy Hobbes rated 83 overall. Behind him is a guy that can match up with any number 2 in the league Ted Timlin rated at 82. Next we have a young Gus West rated at 80 with room to grow to a higher number. At 32 years of age Clyde Franco fills in well at 77 in the 4 spot. Davey Saenz rated at 74 overall fills it out for a very very good 1-5. Total average 79.2

The top two teams are just that. There is no question that those are the two very best 1-5 rotations in this world. I would guess that we will find out who is best this year in a repeat world series.

The next team looks to be heading into the season with 4 starting pitchers. Yes it pains me to say it but based on the averages Detroit has the 3 best. They have the very best one two punch in this world With 88 overall Bryce McMillon and 85 overall Dick Randall. Their 3 guy is rated at 75 he is Chick King and filling out the four hole is a hittable Buck Hull at 65 overall. I thought about giving them a zero for the 5 spot but I am not sure what his plans are so I will let him inflate his overall average a bit. Total 78.25

Separated by just.2 points we finish up with Philadelphia Phillies coming in at 76.4 and the Millers in at 76.2. Philly rolls out Hector Merced at 86 than Jerry Canseco at 80 for a solid 1-2 punch. The Millers go with a trio of Sandy Lowe 81 Lyle Moran 78 Shane Kraemer 80.