Friday, January 14, 2011

Bargian hunting In Free Agency

Well the prices are dropping on a few free agents and if you still have some needs there are some deals to be had.
Starting Pitchers
  1. Wilt O'Connor is still out there looking for a 2 year deal worth about 6 million. He would be a fine stop gap and back of the rotation starter.
  2. Herm Walker is on the decline but he should pitch well enough to cover his asking price of about 6.5 over 2 years.
  3. Jayson Tartbull asking for less than 4 million over 2 years and he can also plug innings at the back of a rotation.
  4. Louie Lima is on the cheap at under 5 million over 2 years.
  5. Archie Rapp from the great hockey town of Eveleth(United States Hockey Hall of Fame is located there) is only asking for just over 5 million again over two years.

Thats not a bad starting 5 in fact that is better than some teams are rolling with this season.

Relief Pitching

  1. Alex Torres price tag is under 4 million covering two years.
  2. Alvin Murray is around 4 over two years.
  3. Mac Peterson want to give it one more year and is a steal under one million on one year.
  4. Trevor Knoblauch is also only looking for a one year deal around 2 million.

That could be an alright bullpen not great but serviceable at the least.


  1. Greg Collins is cheap and a fine back up catcher I had him last season and when I am bargain hunting in a few days I will pick him up. One season at 1.3

Thats about is back up catchers are all that's left.


  1. Harley Dixon can platoon and really you could get around 45 homers through the lenth of the deal of around 3 million over 2.
  2. Jamie Stynes can still hit a little and is asking for very little. Under 400k on one year.

There is a nice platoon 1st/DH middle of the order.

Secondbase (side note I am not going to look at the contracts anymore)

  1. Louie Snyder was a Miller last season and was great. He lost another step this off season but he still has the glove and bat to start.
  2. Dingo Rivera could still start somewhere for sure.
  3. Brad Daniels is still young and has great range and could be a great utility guy.

Not great but stop gaps.


  1. Kareem Redmond hold his own at the plate.
  2. Russell Peters also handles the bat well as well as plays the hot corner solid.
  3. Russ Lowe is not yet 30 and he could keep the spot warm till some one else steps in



  1. Not pretty if you ask me some platoons guys I guess so good luck with that I would find a trade partner though.

Corner Outfield

  1. Oscar Li is an everyday player and shouldn't embarrass himself in either hitting or defense.
  2. Errr. Price are all high for me to fish in this pond this season. They will drop though.


  1. Tony Martinez is a bottom third bat but a very nice defensive guy.
  2. After that find a platoon yous comfortable with of find a trade partner.

Well there is my look at TJ Max