Thursday, March 10, 2011


Down the stretch they come!!!
This season is seeing a little closer races in the AL than the last few. Usually there is only a race for the last wild card there so I do have a few things to say about that. The NL on the other hand has fewer races than in the passed.

As always starting in the greatest division the AL north. Minnesota has held onto first for the bulk of the season but Pawtucket has now run off 10 wins in a row and closed the gap to just two games. These two team match up on for the last series of the season so it may come down to that. Detroit is sitting at 7 games over .500 and we will talk about them in the wild card part.

The AL east... Baltimore clinched about 5 days ago. Are about to clinch home field too!

The AL South Memphis is holding onto the top spot after a dreadful start but they are now a game over .500. Durham is in 4th but only six games out and at this point that might be too much to over come. Both Montgomery and Oklahoma City are lurking at 2 games back and could get hot and pull out the top spot. With really no chance at the wild card the only hope is to beat out Memphis to head to post season baseball.

The AL West ajpop has the the Slam playing really well and they are getting close to clinching with a magic number of 13. With a 9 game advantage they are in no real danger.

The AL Wild card has Pawtucket in with a ten game lead but both Kansas City and Detroit fighting it out. Detroit is two games back and within striking distance so if they can get some bounces they may be in the post season for the first time since season two. Kansas City has not seen the play-offs since season 10 and would like to make waves in the post season. Salt Lake City is just 4 games back from the last spot so if they heat up they could leap two teams but at this point with so few games left it makes it hard.

The NL North has Fargo heading in for the 3rd straight season with Montreal 8 games back and swimming to stay ahead of .500.

NL east has Philadelphia looking to win there 14th title their with a ten game advantage over Washington D.C. Washington is a wild card runner though.

The NL South has Houston up by 19 games over Charleston. Houston magic number is just 3 games and they are up 6 games for the top spot in the NL.

The last real horse race it a neck and neck in the NL West. LA has a super slim one game lead over last season champs Sacramento. The loser here does have a safe fall back plan and holds the top wild card spot. LA is also only 3 games back from a first round bye. Welcome back to the post-season Keeid12x.

The NL wild card has Charleston clawing to get in at three games behind Washington. Montreal is four games and two teams out and as stated before the more teams you have to climb over the hard it is to get in. The NL in the past is where to go for races till the last game of the season but this year other than slotting it is just about wrapped up with a bow.