Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Free Agent spending

Bonus money is not included.

Boston has a contract out worth about 68.5 million over 5 years. My Guess is he is looking at picking up pitcher Hank Xavier.

Buffalo is looking at a 69 million offer over 4 years. Probably has the same pitcher in mind.

Charleston Has a near max bid out unless he has two bids. I am thinking that he is holding a Big Dick Randall offer.

Detroit has a 60 million offer out and I think Cody Tatum is his target now. Could also be Kirt Hartman but that would be a huge contract for him.

Fargo 62.5 contract might be an effort in bringing in Tatum.

Houston is also floating around a mid 60 million offer. Must be for Tatum.

Indianapolis has a smaller 5.5x5 offer out.

Philly has a mess of things going on but I would bet 100x5 or very close to is up for Big Dick.

Salem Has the max bid in on Randall. Might have a little #1 next to them too.

Scottsdale has about 9.5x5 for someone. I don't know who is around there. I think it is a holding offer.

Tacoma has a max bid in as well and with the guys left we know who that will be.

So there it is two max bids from what I saw quick. Salem and Tacoma. Philly is holding a big bid. I think there is a bunch of teams in on the other big three left and all are going to make in the mid 60s to 70s after the next cycle.