Thursday, September 9, 2010

NL Play-Offs

OK it is finally time to talk about the other league for a bit. The NL has really come down to the last few weeks of the season before the play-Off picture for form. Today It is looking like we have some clarity. The Charlotte Shock still have a chance but at four games out I think its not looking so good. They have such a hard schedule ahead with games against New York Midtowners (88-60) Washington D.C. (83-65) Little Rock (74-74) and ending the season at Houston(91-57... look out for these guys this team is stacked I tell you). So I am sticking a fork in the outlet and getting the Shock out of the play-offs. Vancouver Has a slim one game lead over Sacramento. The loser of this race is also completely out of the play-offs because they are just too far back. What is left is positioning for first round games. Houston has a three game advantage over New York for the 2nd spot so maybe that's in reach yet. Fargo and Washington I would believe like a chance to play against Vancouver instead of New York or Houston in the first round so they may play it out. I do have to say one thing the NL this season was a little more fun that the AL great season NL and good luck to those moving on and best of luck next season for those not.