Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Detroit makes it in

In my last post I pretty much stuck a fork into The Miracles. After a look at their schedule I would like to revisit. Detroit has seven games left against The Devils and at five back that might be enough. The Devils are running low on energy at the moment where Detroit is still running their everyday line up at very close to 100% all the way through. The Miracles also still have the best pitching in baseball and are coming off a huge series sweep against Baltimore plus winning 2 of 3 against Memphis. They still have some tough games ahead against Honolulu (6) but are coming off a victory in the last game. They also have 3 game sets left against both Seattle and Minnesota. That means that according to my Minnesota math they have 19 games left of their final 36 against teams with a winning record. Indianapolis on the other hand has the seven games left with Detroit three in the last week of the season with Baltimore when they may be resting up for the post season and 4 left with Memphis who may at that point be resting starters as well. That is again by my Minnesota math 14 games against teams with a winning record. I am not saying that they will blow their lead it is their spot right now and win and your in but keep your eye in your rear view mirror objects are closer than they appear. There is still a race in the AL yet.