Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Player Options

With from what I can tell the upcoming Free Agent Class is looking weak at starting pitching. There are some players that might use that to decline their options.
  • Floyd Mullen has a player option and may try to cash in one more time with another max deal before he hangs them up.
  • Dennis Priest will in all likely hood accept his Option but Charleston will surely take the buy-out.
  • Mateo Granados will be old and on the streets I bet with Fargo taking the buy-out. He might find a DH job in the AL or this might be it for him.
  • Charlie Kline also has a mutual option than might not be picked up by Houston.
  • Desi Uribe might think he can do better in a starting pitcher weak free agent see and might decline his 5.6 million option from Indianapolis.
  • Ruben Saenz might think he can cash before he gets too old and too hurt to play. Omaha may also just take the buy out depending on how his ratings hold.
  • Miguel Nieves should decline his options as well because he will get a huge raise this off-season. Pawtucket will for sure accept the mutual option if he does.

So I guess I will budget for starting pitcher after all with Mullen and my Moby Dick Nieves possibly hitting the open market.