Monday, September 12, 2011


Paul Melville. It really could be any of Baltimore's top 3 hitters. The Triple Bs have three guys with OPSs over 1.000. Those same three are also on the plus side of 30 homeruns. When voting comes around I am sure that some these players will not make the final top five because of WiS strange section process. I know that WiS loves to get players like Enir DeJesus in to voting they love the stolen bases. He is also fielding really well and I sort of wish I didn't trade him away.


David Bolivar. It was a very close call between him and ajpop's Andrea Delany. At season's end the voters may disagree with me and I am okay with it. I choose Bolivar for a few reasons. First even though I do not like the way All-Stars are picked Bolivar was one this season. Second defense should play a roll and Bolivar is a sure shot mid-season Gold Glove 3rd basemen and I would say Silver Slugger 3rd basemen. The last thing I will say is the home park factors. Delany plays his home games in a hitters park and Bolivar plays his games in an extreme pitchers park. Bolivar should also be in the running for MVP.

AL Cy Young

Temlind Timlin. After gushing in the last post about how great of a season Baltimore pitchers have been this season could it have came from another team. There are other very strong candidates but Timlin is hands down the top pitcher in the AL this season. Leads the league in OPS against, WHIP, OBP, OAV, WinsK/9. Top five in ERA, SLG, Ks, K/B, B/9. You can not argue with this selection. If you think "Big" Dick Randall is having a better season a want to vote for him that's your call. To me it looks like Timlin is ahead in the more important stats.