Friday, September 9, 2011

The Mid-Season Report

We are just passed the half point and somethings are gaining clarity. First The AL West is terrible. Every other team in the AL outside of the division would be leading it. The AL has nine teams under .500 and the West has four of them. On the flip side the AL only has 6 teams over .500. Of course three teams are with-in on game of that mark. The NL has only 7 teams below .500 leaving 8 teams with a winning record. The NL east is like a rich mans AL West since all their teams are under .500.
Despite the DH, the AL has 4 of the top five pitching ERAs in the world. Only Houston makes the list at number 4. Baltimore's pitchers have been so good that are their team ERA is currently 2.97. That would put them are the greatest pitching staff kaline has every had and the best by a fairly solid mark.
The top five are:

  1. Houston 3.08 season 18

  2. Sacramento 3.12 Season 16

  3. Wichita 3.17 season 7

  4. Philadelphia 3.20 season 16

  5. Houston 3.26 Season 19

All of those teams are nice a cozy in the punchless and no DH NL. The Top five AL only season are:

  1. 3.31 S9

  2. 3.34 S19

  3. 3.44 S20

  4. 3.51 S11

  5. 3.54 S 10 And S7

All of those season belong to Baltimore... It must be nice not to have to pitch to that line up. I will say that of the 19 teams that have finished under 4.00 in the AL 11 of them belong to Baltimore. Only 8 other teams in the AL have finished the season below 4.00 not from Baltimore. Season 21 may just be Cloudg13 crown jewel season if he can keep playing at this pace. Baltimore will be sending three starting pitchers to the All Star game for sure.

Minnesota has played in 10 extra inning games and seem to find a way of pulling out the victory 80% of the time. Their Pitching has been outstanding even though Bryce McMillon has not been at his best this season. The Bullpen here has been outstanding posting a 3.50 ERA. Baltimore's is better though at about 3.18.

Strictly by team OPS and team ERA Houston is by far the best in the NL. Floyd Mullen is having one of his best seasons ever by the way. The Man does not get old he just keeps going strong. Overall the NL team ERAs are way up from seasons past though and it doesn't seem that the offense has gone up as much. Over the last five seasons the team OPS averaged out to be about .739 and this season it is up to .745. That last five seasons team ERA Average is 4.18. This season it is 4.32. For about 5.5 points of OPS if doesn't seem to match the jump in ERA. I would have to dig deeper then I feel like doing to get to the bottom of this.

Mid-Season Award Winners according to me. NOT the WifS goes about picking winners and top five.


Paul Melville . He is just crushing the ball. This Award could maybe go to a pitcher from Baltimore.


David Bolivar. It was very close and Andre Delaney may pass him before the seasons over but Bolivars Defense is great right now.

AL Cy Young

Ted Timlin. You can not argue about the results he is putting up. The K/9, bb/k OPS against wins loss how every you do your evaluation he has to be on top. I can almost feel that he will be a Free agent this off season maybe you can pull out your check books for this two time CY winner... Maybe three time at seasons end. He will be getting paid for sure.


Jordan Wiess. He is just smashing the ball and not making many mistakes on defense.


Gerald Zhang. I don't know how he is putting up those numbers but he is.

NL Cy Young

Floyd "The Hit Man" Mullen. He is just flat out the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Maybe he has a brother names Owen.