Monday, October 10, 2011

Play-Offs Round Two

Round One saw 3 game fives so that was a good time. Every team with a better record won each series though so no real upsets yet.


I actually think this is a pretty good match-up. Paw-Town did lose Julio Barrios for the series but I don't think that will be any sort of major issue. The teams did split the regular season series and not very many teams can ever say that about their Baltimore record. Pawtucket has good enough hitting to hold their own against Baltimore. They also have a couple of nice starters that match up well with them too. Pawtucket does have a great starter to closer bridge to help hold leads. The issue is that they are playing Baltimore. the best hitting the history setting pitching team. They might be a touch weaker then some season but that still means they are only super great instead of invincible. I see this one going 5 with Baltimore moving on because of greater hitting.


This is another match-up with teams that split the season series. What Seattle is missing is front line starting pitching but what they have is a ballpark and defense that can make up the difference for them. Seattle has the best fielding % in the AL to go along with their amazing 129 plus plays and only 15 minus plays. Five of the minus plays came from pitchers. Just amazing defense in a pitchers park. Seattle does not have the power that Minnesota has but they can work counts and get on base. When they get on base they like to run stealing 226 bags this season. Player to player Minnesota has the advantage. Better high end talent and pitching top to bottom. Minnesota is no push over in the field either so that advantage is mitigated some. I will take the Mighty Millers in 4. Big Bad Bryce McMillon starts game one in Baltimore.




This is a great match-up as well but this time Sacramento has a 7-3 regular season record on their side. Sacramento has pitched crazy good all season and is hard to score on. Salem makes up for that with Superior fielding. Also Salem has hit better this season too. With that said though I do not think Sacramento losses this series. It will go five though.




Houston has the 6-4 season edge. I hope that Armando Ramirez can go in game one with Floyd "The Hit man" Mullen. That would be a great game for sure. Pitching is almost a push to me in this series. Both teams have high-end aces and #1 type second pitchers. Houston just has one more #1 type to avoid where Fargo is missing that. Both teams have had good bullpens this season and to me they are close enough to call it even. The away hitting stats are pretty close too but Houston has the long ball that I love so much to fall back on in case they need it. I am going to take Fargo in five though just to shake things up.

Next round if I am lucky enough to move on I will do a better run down also Look for my award voting and also the unsub awards later this week.