Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AL Play-Offs taking Form

The race to to post season in the AL is setting into place. There are only 7 teams over .500 and that have a chance at 6 spots. The Baybirds are almost a given for the top spot again this season. They have an eight game lead over the Indianapolis Devils. The Seattle Grunge slipped out of the All-Star Break a little bit but have had a nice 5 game winning streak since getting sweeped by the Millers and dropping the series against Detriot Detroit. Honolulu had a very slow start to the year but went on a long winning streak to boost up their record. They hold nine game advantage over ajpop and the Crushers. Memphis has had a hard time playing consist ball but still hold a 10 game lead over Durham. The team currently holding down the 5 spot has the 3rd best record in the AL. The Devils have a two game lead over the Millers for the top wild card slot. The Millers hold a six game lead over the Miracles for the final play-off spot. They are the hottest team in baseball heading into a series with Baltimore. Finally The Detriot Detroit Miracles. They have been really up and down this season. With 26 games still this season with the other six teams with a winning record the Miracles have a chance to win there way into the post season but it will not be an easy road... wow 26 of the last 56 against the top six not looking good for them but they have the pitching to shut down any offense. Boy I wonder how the top 7 would rank in some sort of power ranking system?