Friday, August 6, 2010

The turn around in Montgomery

The Montgomery Black Dynamites have a new owner running the show. New to Kaline but coming in with 33 seasons of experience steelforge has been a great addition to the Kaline owners list. Already making a huge impact in the international market sign two of the top guy, Jose Cortez and Del Figureoa. In addition to those guys they have Pedro Lopez signed last season. Turner Wathan was drafted last season but the previous owner was unable to sign Derrin Howe. Harley Nunnally should crush the ball when his call comes and he is not the only masher they have in the minors right now. Miguel Feliz could make his way to the pros this season. The building blocks are in place to make a winner in Montgomery and this is with out this season draft yet. With 28 million spread out evenly in this season draft and with 2 top ten picks and 6 picks in the top 71 things could be really interesting for them sooner than later. Steelforge was looking for a re-building project but i bet he didn't think it would happen this fast... Still have to develop the guys though.