Thursday, August 12, 2010

White Flag Report: Salt Lake City Crushers

The Crushers owner is waving the white flag saying that he will not make the play-offs. The current roster has hitters, former silver slugger winner Jim Hall, who is in his last year of his deal. His ratings should hold well if there is a sign and trade option. He is the best hitter available from their roster but not the only one. Chad Winn seems to still hit below his ratings maybe someone thinks there coaches can fix him. Deacon Pierce, 27, can get on base and hit a few long shots. You get 2 more season with him at a reasonable rate. Leon Blasingame could provide a team with a bull pen arm, but his health rating could keep his price down. The same goes for Billy Rakers. I would think that Morgan Coles is part of the re-built but maybe he could be had for the right prospects. He is the only starter worth talking about and if he becomes open to trading him could be the biggest mid-season deal.